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David Agranoff

David Agranoff


Author of Splatterpunk award-nominated novel "Ring of Fire," (Deadite Press) "Flesh Trade" (w/Edward Morris) (Grand Mal Press) "Punk Rock Ghost Story" (Deadite Press), "The Vegan Revolution...With Zombies," (Deadite Press) "Amazing Punk Stories," (Eraserhead Press) "Boot Boys of the Wolf Reich (Deadite) and the Wonderland award-nominated short story collection "Screams from a Dying World." (Grand Mal Press). Agranoff's latest release is his science fiction novel "Goddamn Killing Machines" from Clash books.

Agranoff is also a co-host of the Dickheads podcast devoted to the study of Philip K Dick and related classic New Wave science fiction. You can find Dickheads on Soundcloud. He also hosts a podcast about Star Trek and narrative called Star Trek Story, Myth, and Arcs.

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