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Darkness Visible (The Godless Bible - Sermon 1) by The Reverend
Darkness Visible (The Godless Bible - Sermon 1) by The Reverend
Darkness Visible (The Godless Bible - Sermon 1) by The Reverend

Darkness Visible (The Godless Bible - Sermon 1) by The Reverend

The Professor

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Introducing THE REVEREND.

The Professor has found God and this is the first of his X-rated sermons casting new light on key narratives from the Bible.

Are you prepared for a particularly provocative, yet deeply spiritual, presentation of God and humanity?

Sermon One begins where it must. In the beginning...

This is a Godless Earworm. Both ebook and audiobook files! 

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Dakota D.
United States United States

Welcome To The Infernal Sermon!

How does a single man push out such incredible pieces month after month? Wander into the lone tent in the dead of night, come inside and bask in the light that is God’s truest servant, The Reverend, as he strips The Bible down to its naked frame. Listen closely as the sermon begins, for these telling of the holy scripture are as real as it gets. No pretty language or censors are used in this retelling of Adam and Eve. From the mouth of The Reverend you will hear exactly how God created his first humans as nothing more than toys for his entertainment, play things to pass eternity with. Both harsh and beautiful, The Reverend delivers a thought provoking piece that opens The Bible and it’s stories up for interpretation. Readers can experience the most well known stories in a whole new way, one where God can be viewed in a more human light. Just like The Professor before him, The Reverend crafts some of the most well written and memorable stories in indie horror.

Karla K.
United States United States

The Beauty Lies Within the Words.

“The Lord knows why you are here. You have come seeking salvation. You saw the light in my tent, glowing in the deep darkness of the night and you knew it was calling you.” Step into the tent and hear the voice of the Reverend. Listen to him speak. He will tell you that God is always watching, that he has always been watching. Let him open your eyes to what lies within the storytelling. He will open your eyes from the darkness to the light from the beginning. He will tell you of the creation of man and woman and the great garden of their dwelling. The tempting existence of the Tree, the serpent and the tantalizing sweetness of the fruit that calls. It is waiting there, too enticing to resist and it will tell you to make the choice to truly live, to feel, to live a full life before death consumes your existence.  “You will know.  You will know what it is to weep,  to scream,  to cry,  to laugh,  to ache,  to bleed,  to fear,  to hope.” From the first moment I heard that The Professor was beginning this series, I had no doubt that we were all in for something truly unique and extra special. If one is at all familiar with the stories of the bible and has an understanding of what lies within, then one should also understand that we all have our own interpretations and stories that connect within ourselves. We all see and feel it at many different levels. We have our favorites and our own beliefs. One must always have an open mind to learning and accepting our own beliefs along with what others may believe.  The same holds true for storytelling and reading. We all have our own thoughts and we take from each story what our hearts and souls reach out for. It’s all personal and an experience to treasure. Anyone familiar with The Professor’s storytelling will know what to expect. He creates something new from ancient and classic stories and writes it into something sensual and exotic. There is always something more that is being offered to us from his mind to ours. He opens our minds and makes our souls burn for more.  The beauty lies within the words.  “God understands storytelling and there was a moment in darkness when He began to tell our story. “

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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So, you think you know the story of the bible, where it all began, with Adam & Eve? Think again! This is the Godless bible, and your host and narrator is The Reverend! ✝️✝️ This is the story of Adam & Eve of course, but….not….as….you….know….it! Erotic, explicit, seductive, descriptive, entertaining, and deliciously divine! Now THIS is my kind of bible, I have found my new religion, why don't you come and join the congregation!? This was an awesome story, I listened to it whilst I was in the shower, bluetooth speaker on LOUD! My son actually asked me why the hell I was listening to porn in the shower!! ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️