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Dark Carnival (A Horror Anthology) by Macabre Ladies

Dark Carnival (A Horror Anthology) by Macabre Ladies

Macabre Ladies


Step right up, folks, to a show, unlike anything you've ever seen before. Circus terrors and frights, sure to delight. Here at Dark Carnival, we've got it all.

Freaks and clowns, screams and laughter and always, a healthy side of the macabre.

So, come one,  come all and join us, if you dare

Welcome to the Show.


Smoke and Mirrors by Connie Todd Lila

Uncle Funbo’s Natalia Circus by Aristo Couvaras

The Siren’s Song by R D Doan

The Gorilla by Patrick C. Harrison III

Fear Fest by Kristen Lester

By the Scent of Her Hair, He Knew He Was Home by J. Edwin Buja

Curse of the Puppet Man by Chisto Healy

Green Girl by Jody Smith

Carnival Daze by Christine Marek

The Johnson Family Funhouse by Miranda Dahlin

Halloween Fantastic by Shea Herlihy-Abba

Augustine's Carnival of Nightmares and Mirrors by Rachael Boucker

Pindick by Stuart Stromin






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