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Crogian by John Leahy
Crogian by John Leahy

Crogian by John Leahy

Necro Publications

Alaska, 2010

In a remote Alaskan creek the U.S. Air Force unearth the find of the millennium. Little do they know that the mysterious discovery will lead them to something that will unleash a terrifying nightmare upon Earth…

Texas, 2017

The military is moving into the abandoned chemical plant next to Ken Forde’s farm. But the military isn’t the only new arrival in Speaker. A weird, frazzled stranger is keeping a close eye on the plant, as well.
What could possibly be going in there? Unfortunately, Ken and the rest of world will soon find out…

CROGIAN: a highly secret military project that has gone horribly wrong unleashing an apocalyptic blight on the world.

Ken and all the residents of Speaker awake to a nightmarish landscape. Cut off from civilization and any help, they must make their way to Houston and sanctuary — a journey through stifling heat, and a route filled with giant abominable creatures.
Who will make it to Houston?
Who will survive the horror that is…







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