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Cosmovorous by R.C. Hausen
Cosmovorous by R.C. Hausen


Cosmovorous by R.C. Hausen

R.C. Hausen


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The year is 1993. Esmeralda has been living on the fringes of society for as long as she can remember. Until an incident unlocks a cache of nightmarish memories. Visions of a bizarre town in the desert, shadowy recollections of a mysterious woman, the pain of an ultimate betrayal, and the shame of a bargain made in blood. Now, she must confront a twisted world where abominations indulge in sadistic pleasures. There, she will learn the secrets of the ravenous cosmos. Come see.

The debut Cosmic Horror novel from R.C. Hausen takes you on a journey into the darkness that surrounds us all.