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Stolen Seed by Tim Eagle
Stolen Seed by Tim Eagle

Stolen Seed by Tim Eagle

Tim Eagle

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Urban rot and small towns of shattered dreams are cornerstones in the world. Benson Rhoades, an aging serial killer, has tried to kill the rot, but needs to shake the anonymity of city life and find new challenges. After a kill, Ben stumbles on a faded business card, inspiring him to export his talent to a small town north of the City.

π—₯π—˜π—”π—— π—§π—›π—˜ 𝗛𝗒π—₯π—₯𝗒π—₯ π—•π—’π—’π—žπ—ͺ𝗒π—₯𝗠 π—₯π—˜π—©π—œπ—˜π—ͺ 𝗑𝗒π—ͺ!

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Mike R.
United States United States

A Picture Of Cultural Carnage

Benson Rhoades is a madman. He is a psychopath that is judgmental of others and full of hatred. He encompasses an abnormal social behavior that results in morbid gratification. One day Rhoades stumbles across a yellow faded business card that states β€œKilling Is Business And Business Is…” Stolen Seed is a brutal tale of family abuse, urban chaos and depravity at its most merciless height. Centered around an abhorrent rampage, author Tim Eagle paints a picture of cultural carnage. He takes the reader on a gritty and dirty fictional ride that requires a shower to not only cleanse the accumulated scum but also to cleanse the inner soul. Eagle’s mixture of ugly truths with flesh & bone shines a spotlight on his ability to expose horrific honesties yet still maintain an engaging storyline. His representation of the everyday predator is a fictional sight to behold. Be prepared to take a dip into the rotting pool of humanity and bask in the uncomfortable writing style that is Tim Eagle. An unnatural morbid obsession towards a significant tattoo, a distorted view of an evil infested world and the adage of β€œrob’em all, rape’em all and kill’em all.” Tim Eagle’s deranged world of pandemonium & chaos makes this a worthy Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

Ruthann J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Take a walk on Tim Eagle’s wildest side!

In β€œStolen Seed,” Tom Eagle takes us down a dark road towards an unusual type of redemption. Using crisp dialog, and staccato prose, he pushes the reader deep into the psyche of β€œBen Benson,” whose existence relies on the thrill of the kill. It’s the burning need of his very existence. And kill he does. Often and graphically. Eagle’s wonderfully edited descriptions of tawdry surrounding and the dregs of society who inhabit them, remind me of certain cringe-worthy scenes in a favorite film, β€œSin City.” Unlikeable characters are one of the author’s trademarks, and he crafts them with a sharp pen in this short, well-written, and original story. A few scenes insinuate a supernatural being, but when Eagle unravels Ben’s sordid past, I considered the possibility of insanity instead of a fantasy element,and Ben’s descent into utter darkness, propels us towards a satisfying and relentlessly brutal conclusion. Are monsters born or made? One can never be sure, but Tim Eagle gives us a wild ride into the mind of a life-made monster in this fantastic novella! I enjoy the author’s work, and would love to see more of his style of noir in the deepest shade of black. Don’t pass this one by!

Jennifer S.
United States United States
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Quick, Fun, & Dirty

I flew through this wild & disturbing imagery-filled ride. If you're looking for fast, fun, dirty & descriptive, then I recommend this book!

United States United States
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Dark, sleazy fun.

What's more terrifying than a neutered serial killer? The thing holding the leash. Jaded serial killer Benson Rhoades leaves the big city for a small town, expecting a new level of excitement to fulfil his insatiable need. Instead of opportunity, Benson finds himself a pawn to something even darker than his own lust for blood.

Milt T.
Greece Greece
I recommend this product


A bizarre and unusual story. Benson Rhoades is a grumpy old man, cynical, a misanthrope; he's also a serial killer. He hates, he dislikes, his contempt of the human species shows no bounds when his "switch" is on. So he kills and he sodomizes. And then he gets an invitation to Tim's favorite place, the town of Stevats. The story gets even darker, quite unsettling and needs to be read to the end. At times, it asks a lot of the reader, it drags a bit in the middle but the addition of certain elements of fantasy make it interesting. It should be noted: it's more dark fantasy than horror. Yet the level of misery and depravity is quite high. There are no redeeming features. Four stars.