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Beverly Kills by Sean McDonough
Beverly Kills by Sean McDonough
Beverly Kills by Sean McDonough

Beverly Kills by Sean McDonough

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Beverly Kilbourne has it all.

She’s beautiful, she’s popular, and she gets to kill whoever she wants. The problem is that Beverly doesn’t want it all. She doesn’t want to be a friend, daughter, or cheerleader anymore. She just wants to be a killer. And if she can get through just one more year of high school, then Beverly can leave home for good and stop pretending she’s anything but a butcher.

Anthony has nothing. He’s a loser. A nobody. But he’s got one more year to muster up the courage to tell Beverly that he loves her and he’s determined to do it before they graduate and she leaves his life forever. 

After a senior year filled with drama, confessions, and decapitations, the clock finally runs out on graduation day. As the diplomas get handed out, the question still remains….

Will the geek get the girl?

Or will the girl slaughter everyone?


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Terry M.
United States United States

Kill Kill Kill

A look at the number of reviews of Beverly Kills reveals something that plagues so much of the indie horror fiction scene - absolutely outstanding books that exist below the radar of the average reader. Beverly's senior year is one filled with self-discovery. All of a sudden, she doesn't have all the answers she once thought she did. Bodies are piling up, but an unexpected shift in her lovelife throws a wrench in her plans. What's next? It's senior year. That means college applications, parties, prom, graduation, and an endless plethora of memories. Beverly finds her plans for graduation have changed. What now? What now that she finds she actually has feelings she didn't even think she had. Yet, she knows the truth. Deep down. It's inescapable. What lengths will she go to ensure the happiness of whom she knows as her true self? Life isn't so clear-cut as we want it to be, is it? This book should be made into a movie. It has everything it needs to be a hit slasher. Where you at, movie makers?