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Christophe Maso

Christophe Maso


Christophe Maso is a conduit of dark visions and a teller of dark fantastic, paranormal, gothic, and sci-fi tales. He's the former fiction editor of The City Morgue Magazine, and a member of the Horror Authors Guild, Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, the Denver Horror Collective, and Fiction Foundry. His short story “Feast of the Senses” can be found in the horror anthology “Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo” (available on Amazon).

He lives with his wife, Katherine Navarrete, in Silver City, New Mexico. When not writing, he enjoys jumping out of airplanes, riding horses, volunteering, playing cards, reading cards, playing guitar and hammered dulcimer, ranging into the backcountry for days, hosting parties, walking between the worlds, and wallowing in New Mexican sin. See his website at


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