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Cerberus Rising by Patrick C. Harrison III, Chris Miller, and M Ennenbach
Cerberus Rising by Patrick C. Harrison III, Chris Miller, and M Ennenbach

Cerberus Rising by Patrick C. Harrison III, Chris Miller, and M Ennenbach

Patrick C. Harrison III

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A poet, a master of horror, and a master of suspense join forces as Cerberus. With three prompts--Cabin Fever, Letters, and Chaos--the three-headed beast dishes out nine novelettes. Cerberus Rises with their unique styles to take you on a journey through nine different levels of Hell.






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Powerful and Impactful

Splatterpunk Award Nominated Cerberus Rising is a powerful, impactful, mind-violating collection of nine novelettes from Patrick C Harrison III (PC3), Chris Miller, and M Ennenbach—the author trio known as Cerberus. First, I must say you want to read the Forward by Christine Morgan. I’m serious. Read it. You’re welcome. For Cerberus Rising, the authors chose 3 prompts. Each prompt is a section. Each section has a corresponding poem and a novelette from each author from that prompt. The outcome of this process is remarkable. The first section is Cabin Fever, and the first story of Cabin Fever is “Insides Out” by PC3. This is an absolutely enthralling story told in first person. It is both terrifying and evocative, crafted like fine art to rip out a bit of your soul along with your stomach. This story is followed by the sci-fi-esque horror thriller “Into the Light” by Miller and the bizarre and disturbing “Fifty Words for Writer’s Block—A Decline” by Ennenbach. The second section is Letters. The first story in that section is a riveting Lovecraftian tale by Miller titled “The Final Correspondence of Thomas Baker Wolfe.” This story rivals anything by Lovecraft himself in flow, depth, vividness, and captivating theme. Miller has managed to outdo himself with this one. Following that is the deep, haunting, socially mirroring story “Baptized by Lethe” by Ennenbach. And after that is the completely irreverent satire about satire “Blame Jonathan Swift” by PC3—check your boundaries at the title page because this story has none and it doesn’t recognize yours. The third and final section is Chaos, and the first story of that section is “The Incident at Barrow Farm” by Ennenbach. This is a big story in a little novelette, relentlessly horrifying, it will take your mind right down into the thick of the chaos and make you exclaim out loud. That story is followed by the bizarro horror “Taking the Loop” by PC3. And the final story of the section and collection is the soul crushing, all-too-realistic “Day 69” by Miller. I could write a book on this book. I am finding it exceedingly difficult not to wax philosophical on the horrors and terrors and social reflections in these stories. I could go on and on about the incredible wordsmithing, the vivid sequences, the moving characters, the nightmares it has given me … But I will say I look forward to more collaboration from these authors. And I will say that despite the a few of these stories causing my Kindle to take flight … from my hands … across the bed … you should read this. It is not just a book, it’s a psychological experience. I will be getting a paperback of this shelf-worthy collection.