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Catacomb Kittens by Ian Delacroix

Catacomb Kittens by Ian Delacroix

Hybrid Sequence Media

A dark metafiction created from Yazidism folklore following fragments from a schizophrenia’s tunneling truth of her existence and the creatures that lurk in the shadows. Catacomb Kittens is something like modern day Italo Calvino mapping out a labyrinth of hypnotic designs, fictitious histories and devouring creatures. "Delacroix has woven a devilish tapestry with CATACOMB KITTENS; a bloody, twisting mythology featuring a new kind of cosmic monster, the dark magic that controls them, and the human lives that are destined to be either masters or meals. A bleak, gore-strewn vision, reminiscent of early Clive Barker, that horror readers will love sinking into.” – Philip Fracassi, author of BEHOLD THE VOID






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