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Casey's Vengeance by Rayne Havok
Casey's Vengeance by Rayne Havok

Casey's Vengeance by Rayne Havok

Rayne Havok


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A Godless exclusive. 
A standalone story. Can be read before or after reading Killstreme.

Before Killstreme, Casey was just a sweet girl hoping a good boy would love her.
Prom night is supposed to be special, it's a night to remember. She'll make them wish she was able to forget.
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Dakota D.
United States United States

What A Prequel!

If you’re a fan of I Spit on Your Grave, Casey’s Vengeance is for you! Casey thinks she’s getting a fresh start at a new school with a boy she really cares for and who she thinks cares for her. Prom is here and she thinks things will go perfectly, promising him her (second) virginity at the end of the night. Things turn sour quickly as her boyfriend’s friends enter the hotel room at the end of the night and all four of them mentally and physically destroy her. Being reborn from the ashes of trauma, Casey plan to carry out her vengeance. I really enjoyed the buildup to the end of prom night, the emotional investment into Casey really made what happened to her so much harder to read. I love a good revenge plot, and this story does not disappoint! Casey really gets creative with how she wants to humiliate her attackers, before deciding humiliation isn’t enough to pay for what she went through. This story, like all of Rayne’s, really raised my blood pressure levels. Out of all authors I’ve read, her stories get to me the most and always find a way to hurt me. Screw you Rayne, but also thank you for being so damn good at what you do!

Simon M.
Australia Australia

Another Rayne triumph.

A revenge prequel that squeezes a lot of story and character development in to its gore soaked pages.

Ryder K.
Australia Australia

Rayne is Back With A Vengenance

Casey’s Vengenance is in my humble opinion one of Havok’s best yet. Why? It has fucking so much heart. You feel Casey’s pain. Feel it like you’re the one who has had your innocence wrenched away from you. Your dreams shattered. Oh, Casey ain’t perfect, she’s human and flawed, but like no one deserves her life to be shattered by the group of men and the experience she endured. Then, like any good Havok fairytale, her revenge is sweet. It doesn’t go to plan. She needs some girl power help. Just like reality sometimes. But, hey this is Havok fictional piece right? So, it all works out in the wash. And ahhh it’s sweeter and more brutal than you’d ever hope! And is a testament to when the girls stick together, they can kerb stomp any motherfucker. This story is a perfect prequel to Killstreme, it’s possibly even better but in an altogether different way. It kinda triggered me, but you know what that’s okay, it’s cathartic and fucking awesome to fall into Havok’s stiletto kicking world.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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My New Fave Rayne!!

I fking love Rayne Havok!!!! Every girl wants prom night to be a special night right?? Well, that's how it started out for Casey, but it soon goes horribly wrong! And when things go wrong, people tend to want revenge!! The build up to this revenge was tense and exciting! And Rayne always gets you backing the main characters, cheering them on as they act out that thoroughly deserved karma! I found this story heart wrenching, brutal, horrifying and completely satisfying! This is the perfect prequel to Killstreme, it sets the next book up nicely and helps you to understand completely the reasons behind the brutal events involved! I think I may have a new favourite!! 5 bloody mushroom heads from me

Nikolas P. Robinson
United States United States
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For Any Man Who Would Hurt Women!

Casey's Revenge might just be one of the rarest of things, a prequel story that surpasses the narrative it precedes. If you've read Killstreme for yourself, you know just how high a bar Rayne Havok set with that title, and how challenging it would be to do what she's done here. If Casey's Revenge isn't better, it's certainly no worse. It really just depends on what you look for in a story. For me, this had everything I'd have hoped for and more. Packed with the brutality and violence one comes to expect from her writing along with the well-drawn characters and exceptional storytelling, we also have a heartbreaking story of innocence reclaimed and shattered. Casey wanted a new start, at a new school with none of her previous mistakes haunting her or hanging over her head, and that's precisely what she believed she had. Prom night was the night she promised herself she would give Evan the night they both wanted. unfortunately, it turned out that Evan's wishes were altogether more terrible than she could have imagined. He didn't want sex, he wanted her to suffer, and he wasn't alone. What could have broken her, simmered within her instead. Casey realized that revenge was the only thing that would give her back the power Evan and his friends had stolen from her. Her vengeance is brutal and perfect, directed toward vile young monsters who deserve every bit of what they receive. Bonus points for the unique curb stomp that involves an altogether different head than what readers might associate with the term. Also, having one's head up someone's ass has never seemed quite so visually stimulating.