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Broccoli by Dani Brown
Broccoli by Dani Brown


Broccoli by Dani Brown

Dani Brown

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You wake up. That's about the only nice thing to happen to you today. Your body erupts. Pus, vomit, diarrhea. You go swimming.

Dani Brown's first published experimental piece is available in e-book for the first time. One list of publishing rules. Every single one of them broken.
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Kevin S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Brassica oleracea

I've not read every book available on Godless (in fact, I didn't buy this on Godless, I have it as a paperback) but I'm willing to bet this might be the single weirdest title available on this site. And that's fucking saying something. Brown is a writer of bizarro and extreme horror, and BROCCOLI leans hard into the bizarro. So, how to describe it? Well, you know when you're smuggling amphetamines to Koh Phangan for the full moon party, only you didn't double-bag that shit when you stuck it up your barking spider and the condom split and it started leaching into your bloodstream via your anal membrane and things got kind of hectic? No? OK. You ever read ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND? How about THE THIRD POLICEMAN by Flann O'Brien, or HEAD TO TOE by Joe Orton? These are the only stories I can think of as reference points for BROCCOLI; they start off kind of normal, and then get increasingly fucked up the longer you read... except with BROCCOLI, things start off pretty goddamn gnarly with a session of pimple popping that rapidly gets out of hand. And I mean really, really, fucking far out of hand, like, a colon packed with "yaba" far-out-of-hand... I'm not saying anymore. Because of possible spoilers, and not personal legal ramifications. Deranged and uttterly fucking brilliant. (Thanks for the flashbacks, Brown.)