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Horror Books Extreme Horror Underground Indie Horror Books Bookstore Godless Splatterpunk
Horror Books Extreme Horror Underground Indie Horror Books Bookstore Godless Splatterpunk

Bisexual Zombie Maggot Mountain (The Obscene Adventures of Bisexual Zombie #4) by James G. Carlson

James G. Carlson

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Something stinks in West Thessalonia, and it’s not just the maggoty mountain of rotting corpses on the edge of town. Well, it’s mostly that. But it’s also a joint science and government organization called NECRO. You see, NECRO is back to its old nefarious tricks, conducting experiments on the living and dead alike. But this time, they’ve taken a renewed interest in good old Uncle Frank because something’s different about him. The undead man doesn’t seem quite as undead as he once did. Not to worry, dear reader, he’s still hungry for flesh and horny as a meth head on Viagra. And Ginny and Avery are on a mission not only to keep Frank safe but to fight the human threat in their community. So, buckle up, because shit’s about to get weird.

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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Exploding with goodness!!

I've loved every installment of this series so far, I'm totally invested in Uncle Frank and his adventures, and I've loved seeing which direction each different author takes it. I'm very familiar with James' writing and have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have read by him, this is no exception…. As I said before, I have a bit of a soft spot for Uncle Frank, so it was good to know that his treatments were going well and that he's continuing to improve in this installment, although he still has a taste for flesh, as food and for pleasure, and when he takes advantage of yet another unsupervised moment, all sorts of hellish debauchery ensues…. Donnie is a bit of a prick, ok, a LOT of a prick! He's a bit of a tough guy, he loves himself, he's arrogant and cocky. His new colleague, Jonathan, is the complete opposite, which makes for some humorous clashes. They are meat men, it's a well paid job, but it involves gathering the dead, the dead-dead, and taking them to Maggot Mountain! On one such journey, they stumble across Uncle Frank and co, and they proceed to take that information back to NECRO…. Before they can do anything however, Frank escapes again! And there can only be one place he's headed….it's time to call in team TAINT!! Meanwhile, in Frank's hiding place, he is having one hell of a time, which ultimately results in everything coming to a rather sticky end!! This was so much fun, hilarious, gross, a really easy enjoyable read!!