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Berserk Viking Maternity Ward Bloodbath by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker
Berserk Viking Maternity Ward Bloodbath by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker
Berserk Viking Maternity Ward Bloodbath by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker


Berserk Viking Maternity Ward Bloodbath by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker

Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker

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Nothing means more to Søren than getting to the hospital in time to attend the birth of his son. Nothing that is until he smells the alluring aroma of female blood in the Maternity Ward air. His Viking Berserker instinct soon takes over and culminates in a climax of such barbaric, brutal violence it would make his ancestors incredibly proud.

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United States United States
I recommend this product


The title pretty much sums up what this story is about. Soren can't wait for the birth of his son, but the smell of blood in the Maternity Ward is stirring his berserker instinct that he has kept at bay. Over-the-top violence and graphic scenes are what you would expect from these two, and they deliver. Another gore covered romp from a great duo. Check it out on Godless if you dare. ONWARD TO VALHALLA! 5 severed fingers out of 5

United States United States

It was... Something.

Don't get me wrong, as someone that likes to explore the evil and the depravity in people, I actually enjoyed it. The simplicity of the story makes it even better. I feel like it would've been ruined if it was longer. It was a bit shocking, though. About the characters, Søren was definately out of his mind. And, justify your behaviors because of your ancesters? Nah, just say that brutally raping and killing people just satisfies you. And Lisa, how come you didn't notice something was wrong with your husband? Also, I'm kinda sorry about how things ended, but it was expected to happen. To summarize everything, if you enjoy reading bizarre and gruesome things, this is definately something you would relish.

Mexico Mexico
I recommend this product

Me gustó pero siento que duro poco

Es el primer relato qué veo en esta página y waoh, realmente me impacto y las descripciones hicieron qué mi cuerpo se sintiera incómodo al imaginar eso, es muy buena escritura y me gustó bastante apesar de que es la segunda historia de este género qué leo, tal vez me aventure a leer más sobre este género pero para mi gusto esperaba que durada un poco más, pero buen trabajo en crear esta historia con un estilo muy bueno y que incomoda al imaginar la escena

United Kingdom United Kingdom

I Dont Like Soren

All Soren wants is to stop raping and pillaging and be a role model for his soon to be born son. But as his son is born Soren really struggles and chaos ensues. This is the usual visceral and horrific gore we have come to expect from this disgusting pair albeit with inventive ways of destroying huhas this time. The description of what birth does to that area was a particular favourite part of mine and quite accurate. This story proves there is no place this pair will not venture. I do not like Soren.

Corrina M.
I recommend this product

A viking with the raging horn!!

When you pick up a McHardy/Hawker, you know its going to be shocking, twisted and fucked right up, oh, and more than likely it'll be pretty offensive too! This though, this has topped everything they've ever written and will most likely be banned as soon as it's released (along with me and my review photo! ) I read the last part of this with my hand over my mouth, my eyes squeezed almost shut and my jaw on the floor, and I'm quite hard to shock these days! This actually starts off as a happy(ish) little tale about Soren, who is off to see his wife at the hospital where she is about to give birth to their first child. He is over the moon that its finally happening for them after several failed attempts, but he realises this now means he is going to have to make some changes in his pretty dark and twisted life, to help him to be the best Dad that he can be,,,, But Soren is a viking with some serious horn!!!! So yeah, this is a McHardy/Hawker story, so you know it's not going to be as straightforward and pleasant as that! Quite the opposite of course! These guys NEVER disappoint, they may shock, disgust and offend you, but they will never disappoint in that! They up the savagery, brutality and fuckedupness every….single….time! And I love them for it! Oh, and that last line……