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Beneath the Unspoiled WIlderness by Nikolas P. Robinson
Beneath the Unspoiled WIlderness by Nikolas P. Robinson
Beneath the Unspoiled WIlderness by Nikolas P. Robinson


Beneath the Unspoiled WIlderness by Nikolas P. Robinson

Madness Heart Press

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No one could be prepared for the horrors that lurk beneath the unspoiled wilderness.

In Southwest Washington, there’s a stretch of undeveloped forest with a bloody history and a terrifying secret.

When five college students set out on a camping trip, they have no way of knowing the monstrous attention they’re about to receive.

You know this story. You know where this is going.

Or maybe you aren’t as ready as you think you are for the nightmare you’re about to witness…but no one could be prepared for the horrors that lurk beneath the unspoiled wilderness.
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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

One Hell of a Camping Trip

Prepare yourself for the Wilderness, as we go deep into the darkest recesses of SouthWest Washington where something terrifying lurks. We start with an instant shock to the system as Nik introduces Billy and Jen's night in 1995. Already the reader is excited to see what the hell is coming next as we snap into 2018 with Melinda. As she and her friends follow their mate Gene, into the middle of nowhere. Through unexplored territory, literally when I tell you I felt the characters every anxiety I bloody mean it. Nik has always had a gift for setting the scene and making the reader uncomfortable and I won't lie this showcases his best work. You can tell this is his baby, he puts a lot of detail into the atmosphere and characters for this book. The variety of different personality types made for a great set up. Gene and Oscar coming off as the fearless outdoors explorers, the loving relationship between Sam and Walker and how Mel reacts to being so far out of her comfort zone. Then we hear this super eriee urban tale connected to the land they are on. Then we come to Mel getting a rude wake up call in the night and already I am like ERMMM HELL NO! bitch I would be gone in a heartbeat! From there we get subtle hints to what lies in the woods. Oscar finds out that Gene has not been completely honest about the history of the land. Which then starts a whole world of carnage, as the fight for survival kicks off with the first death. This kicks off an action fueled series of sequences that are both perfectly timed and really increase that fear. The antagonist is almost inhuman and the anxiety this masked attacker creates. Honestly I was left wondering constantly the identity of the pursuer, as this had a very hills had eyes meets slasher feel. But then it becomes something so much more as Mel endures the worst torture imaginable from what seems like a primative cult for something much worse. Trust me, Nik does a great job with description and portraying her trauma. But he does an amazing job at showing the aftermath, what Luis goes through with the guilt of not being there for Mel. His obsession to find out the truth of what Mel endured and what happened to his friends. Which then turns into a searing need for revenge and I loved that the story took this turn. Because it was like a continuation to the first half of the book. Things just get so much more dark and gory, with fresh meat entering the woods once more. But this time they won't be facing inexperienced campers, this is when it gets really interesting! Bloody brilliant book and I adore the ending. It does not get the credit it is due!

Mike R.
United States United States

A Frightful Setting Of Unknown Surroundings

Horror Bookworm Reviews Beneath The Unspoiled Wilderness by Nikolas Robinson Friends and roommates plan a camping/hiking weekend trip into the untamed wilderness. As they leave civilization behind and journey into the deepest parts of the forest, a hidden business agenda is slowly revealed. As a peaceful eeriness looms over the frightening dense woodland, indistinguishable shapes within the darkness become an unimaginable threat to the group. A reality check of killed or be killed comes to fruition. Author Nikolas Robinson takes his readers on a journey into the middle of nowhere and leaves them stranded with an experience they will not soon forget. Beneath The Unspoiled Wilderness stages a frightful setting of unknown surroundings and an unseen menace that only urban legends are made of. These presumed myths and folklore come to life as monstrosities of the macabre become the sole reason for the number of missing person cases. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…bizarre abductions accompanied with unnatural savagery make this a read not soon to be forgotten. Let’s take a look at the dark discomforting writing style that Nikolas Robinson possesses. This Splatterpunk Award nominee is no stranger to exploitive carnage. The rules and regulations he abides by does not exist. You literally will not know what is looming within his fictional distorted stretch of forest. Psychological evils and justifiable paybacks are often served by Nikolas on a cold plate of vengeance. If you’re looking for some rest and relaxation on this outdoorsy trip, look elsewhere. Here, you will only find murder and mayhem. What The Shining did for Hotels and Silence Of The Lambs did for serial killers, Beneath The Unspoiled Wilderness will do for camping trips. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.