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Ashley Lister

Ashley Lister


Ashley Lister is a prolific author of genre fiction, having written more than fifty full length titles, over a hundred short stories, as well as articles, academic papers and poems.

He is the author of How to Write Short Stories and Get Them Published, a five star writing guide that has been described as “A must have for anyone serious about publishing their short stories” and “Wish it had been available years ago.”  He says his favourite review on that title is the one headed, “A very handsome book by a very handsome author.”

Ashley is also the holder of a PhD in Creative Writing with a thesis that looked at the relationship between plot and genre. 

He is currently working on a series of novellas based around the ideas of HP Lovecraft but without the racism.

Aside from writing, blogging about poetry and writing in general, Ashley also lectures in creative writing. He is the regular host for Blackpool’s Pub Poets and his poetry is renowned for being outrageous, offensive and darkly amusing.

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