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Angel Gelique

Angel Gelique


Could it be that I was dropped on my head as an infant? Or the fact that my maternal grandfather was an exorcist? Maybe one of those demons didn’t quite get exorcised....Whatever the case, I write books that disturb people. That “line” means nothing to me—I cross it with a wicked grin plastered upon my face. Nothing is too sick or perverse as far as I’m concerned. And no creature is safe within the blood-soaked pages of my books. I think horror should be experienced and I do my best to make readers cringe, wince and squirm. Please heed the warnings that I give. They’re not merely to entice but to make you aware that you won’t be able to “unsee” the things that I will show you or regain that last shred of innocence you may have had buried deep within your scarred soul.With that said, I hope that you will enjoy my sickeningly depraved stories. I welcome honest feedback and always love to connect with readers. 

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