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All Men Are Trash by Gina Ranalli
All Men Are Trash by Gina Ranalli

All Men Are Trash by Gina Ranalli


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Calm down. You're overreacting. Make me a sammich. Don't get so emotional. What, are you on your period or something? Nice tits. You should smile more. Moody bitch. I said I was sorry, didn't I? Feminazi.

If a man has said any or all of these things to you, you may be entitled to compensation!

You may be entitled to it, but you won't get it. What will you get? Microaggressions, harassment, gaslighting, less pay for the same job, little say over your own body and reproductive rights... but wait!

There's more! So much more! It never ends. And aren't you goddamn sick of it? Haven't you had e-fucking-nough? Well, good news! The moment has come. The hour is nigh. The women of the world are ready to stand up, stand together, and make themselves heard as if with one voice.

Ladies, it's time to take out the trash!

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Pretty good

As a male (currently), I highly condone this. Get her done.

Nikolas P.
Not *for* All Men

Gina Ranalli has managed to write something cathartic with All Men Are Trash. This book is something necessary in response to cultures of incels and MRAs, as well as the sheer volume of toxic, sexist reactionary trolls attacking any attempt at inclusion or acknowledgment of intersectionality. In another (more superficial) sense, it's also a bit of fantasy violence geared toward women in the same way literally decades of fiction has provided men with a plethora of fantasy violence. It works on all fronts with equal efficacy. Reading this book, I was reminded of two other works of fiction. There was a television series, Masters of Horror, quite a few years back, and one of the self-contained stories was entitled "The Screwfly Solution." The other fictional work it reminded me of was David Moody's series of books that started with the novel, Hater. Both of those works were built around the concept of sudden, unexpected violent impulses arising within the population and a stark division between "us" and "them" becoming the way of the new world. All Men Are Trash takes a similar concept and infuses it with strong feminist sensibilities and a whole lot of satisfying violence. This is perhaps not a good book for anyone prone to say things like, "Not all men," or maybe it's precisely the sort of thing they should gain a little bit of perspective.