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Agony's Lodestone by Laura Keating
Agony's Lodestone by Laura Keating
Agony's Lodestone by Laura Keating


Agony's Lodestone by Laura Keating

Tenebrous Press

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A grave could be visited. Ashes could be scattered. 
But simply vanishing

That ripped a hole in the world the size of a life, and through that hole sighed a terrible wind repeating a single note:


For years, Aggie had forgotten the real Joanne, the way her sister had laughed, fought, been.

But now that the videotape made her real again—no matter how many times the recording changed, no matter how terrifying the flickering images—it was all Aggie wanted. To trade the Gone for the One. She owed Joanne that much. To say she was sorry. That it had been her fault.

It had been all their faults.

"A harrowing tale that forces the reader to immerse themselves in carefully crafted family dynamics, to step into murky swamps and leave soaked in visceral atmosphere. 

Keating shows us how fear and terror might tear us apart, yet guide [us] toward healing, toward those we love and the connections we have lost but struggle to reclaim.”

• Ai Jiang, author of Linghun

"Unexpected, enthralling, and deeply emotive…a beautiful and tense story of family dynamics, loss, perseverance and forgiveness. 

Keating has established herself as a major voice in horror. I'll be looking for everything she writes."
Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Below