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A Stitch of Madness by A.J. Brown
A Stitch of Madness by A.J. Brown

A Stitch of Madness by A.J. Brown

Stitched Smile Publications

A Stitch of Madness: An Anthology Madness: extremely foolish behavior. Imprisoned for the murder of his best friend, Johnny Cleary sets out to tell what happened on the day Bobby “Buster” Lennon died, but are the words he writes true or does the deception run deeper. Madness: the state of being mentally ill, especially severely. There is something wrong with Irene. Momma’s dead and a ragdoll speaks to her in a voice that is hauntingly familiar. And what about the stitches, the very things that just might hold Irene together? Madness: a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. After an odd stranger pays Robert Wallenger a visit, his world begins to unravel and the past comes rushing back, along with a sickly sweet scent. There is madness in everyone. For most, the madness never surfaces. For others, all it takes is one thing, big or small, for them to spiral out of control. (Photography by Marcus J. Ranum



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