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A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore

A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore

Source Point Press

For over a century, the works of Edgar Allan Poe have sparked the imaginations and sent shivers up the spines of horror-lovers of all ages. While most people know the story or "The Tell-tale Heart" and "The Black Cat" and many can recite "The Raven" from memory, there are many great stories and poems by Poe that remain "forgotten lore". This book collects many of the lesser known tales and poems from the great mind of Edgar Allan Poe and combines them with wonderful illustrations from many of today?s up-and-coming illustrators: Jason Keith Phillips, Dan Gorman, Tyler Sowles, Joshua Werner, Diana Busby, Jeff Sornig, Darcey Young, Summer Ketchum, and Aaron Trendy.


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