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12 Gauge: Songs from a Street Sweeper by Dustin LaValley

12 Gauge: Songs from a Street Sweeper by Dustin LaValley

Sinister Grin Press

(12 Gauge) Songs from A Street Sweeper includes three white-knuckled novellas.

A prison escapee leads law enforcement on a chase through the Adirondack Mountains, where they encounter a reclusive elderly man with a dark secret.

An ultra-violent satirical commentary on societal norms, cliques, and obedience.

The Deceived
A criminal pair invade the home of the wrong man on the wrong day.

"Spinner is a thriller, a horror story, and an adventure narrative. It's also a lot of fast, bloody, violent fun." --Gabino Iglesias, Horror Talk

"LaValley creates a non-stop, adrenaline ride of violence and mayhem, in a setting Americans know all so well. H/armed is a bloody, relentless and visceral assault on the senses. Wickedly entertaining." --Paul Hough, writer/director of The Human Race

"The Deceived is equal parts thrilling, creepy, and downright brutal. A wonderful tale." --Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase






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