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The Vet by Candace Nola

Uncomfortably Dark

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Pets are loyal, loving, supportive companions. They can be trained to help us, care for us, support us. 

Some humans do not deserve their pets. One animal doctor has decided to give them what they deserve. 

The Vet Is In. 

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United States United States
I recommend this product

Gruesome and Impactful

The Vet is a gruesome novella by Candance Nola that wrenches your feelings as well as your stomach. This is a solid, impactful, and satisfying horror story for those who enjoy the more extreme side of things. Nola lovingly builds her main character in a twisted little anti-fairytale way that both compliments and contrasts the darkness and brutality in the story. And the ending is one of the best endings ever—perfectly conceived and delightfully executed. This is probably my favorite story of Candance Nola’s so far, due to the combination of on-point subject matter, great execution, and that excellent conclusion. A fantastic 5-star extreme horror read!

Mike R.
United States United States

A Canvas Of Carnage

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation The Vet by Candace Nola Camilla is a well respected veterinarian. Her experience with animal surgeries, medicines and just her over all love and caring for animals is her life and passion. Unfortunately, corrupt evil exists in the world. This is where Camilla exceeds at relieving societies lowlifes. Welcome to her unconventional animal controlled farmhouse. The Vet by Candace Nola allows the reader a front row seat into dealing with the worst kinds of humanity. Rescuing human strays along with providing them Splatterpunk Shelters is a voluntary act of her kindness. Syringes, leather muzzles and steel cages are all presented in full technicolor and Dolby stereophonic sounds of painful realism. Using pen and paper, author Candace Nola paints her canvas of carnage with savagery, hostility and of course sedatives. She is a true artist at inflicting pain. I am certain by now you are asking yourself…”But wait Mike, is there a detailed human-related neutering included in this book?” I’m glad you ask. No need to look elsewhere, yes there is. “Balls aren’t just for fetchin’ ya know.” (That would be my Horror Bookworm Reviews blurb!) Candace Nola has become royalty in the splatter/extreme community. She has officially reached the, “ya can’t go wrong with this author” status. I strongly recommend this five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm stamp of approval.

Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Loved this!!

Have to give this five stars just because I hate animal abusers. Beyond that it was a great story with a well developed main character even though it was a short book. I enjoy when I root for the "bad guy", and even more when the "bad guy" isn't really the bad guy. This author excels at world building and can pull you into the world she's created with only a few sentences.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Hell yes!

Oh man, that was fucking awesome. Camilla, the town vet, loves animals. She's spent her entire life caring for them. What she doesn't love are horrible pet owners who treat animals cruelly. She takes care of them as well. A fantastic story filled with gore and shitty people getting what they deserve. Another fantastic tale from Candace Nola. Read it now! Check it out! 5 severed fingers out of 5

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


This was a brilliantly cathartic read from Candace, there's nothing I love more than people getting their just desserts, especially those people that abuse animals! There are brief mentions of the cruelty the animals suffer, but the punishment dished out more than makes up for it! For those of us that hate when animals die in books, which is pretty much all of us, this is such a satisfying read! Camilla is a vet, she's had enough of dealing with abused animals, doing everything she can to save them. Animals that are broken mentally and physically, in turn breaking her too, while their abusers continue on with their sad little lives. She finally decides that enough is enough, that the people who abuse these animals need a taste of their own nasty medicine. She saves the anger she feels towards the culprits, lets it simmer and seethe until she is able to release it with satisfaction and her full commitment. Back at her home, she keeps more animals, animals that can't be kept at the shelter. They're different from the others. These animals are looked after and used to help her seek justice for the abused pets in her care. They are taught obedience to a degree and are meted out the justice they deserve. Eventually being put to the very best use! There is also a special pitbull who is treated with extra love and care and is finally free to live the life intended for her, albeit not ideal it is the best life she can have now! This kicks off with an emotional opening that will tug on anyones heartstrings and have you yearning for what happens later on. Each chapter leaves you with just the right amount of suspense and intrigue to make you keep reading and not put this book down for a second. A brilliantly smooth narrative with gruesome and vivid imagery. A short read that packs one heck of a punch!