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The Window by Thomas Gloom
The Window by Thomas Gloom

The Window by Thomas Gloom

Thomas Gloom

The present is a battleground for Mark’s mind, and possibly, his life.

Mark is a recovered drug addict, but after losing his parents in a freak accident, his life is set on a trajectory that he never would have guessed. Will he fall back into his old ways?

While fighting to keep hold of his sanity, strange occurrences start taking place almost as if he is following a well laid plan, and the same name keeps appearing at every turn. Who is The Family, and why does it seem like Mark’s parents were connected with this strange cult?

As the mystery begins to unravel, he unearths secrets rooted in control, manipulation, and blood. He must learn to conquer his own demons in order to face off against the pure evil lurking so close to home.

The shocking conclusion to this slow burning tale is sure to leave your jaw on the floor!

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