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Histories of Mgo by Edwin Callihan
Histories of Mgo by Edwin Callihan
Histories of Mgo by Edwin Callihan

Histories of Mgo by Edwin Callihan

Edwin Callihan


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There is a place.


Histories of Mgo is the forbidden progeny of existence and negative space, the birth of so many wrong wors. Between here and Mgo, you will be guided along destructive paths.

Desolate lives and several deaths.

What is forgotten and what never was.


“Callihan tells stories like a grindcore band creating the soundtrack for Tales from the Crypt. Visceral, occult, and unique; Histories of Mgo is an elder god that refuses to turn down its stereo.”
—Damien Casey (28 Days Sassier)

"Edwin Callihan's Histories of Mgo is the dread-riddled, anxiety-inducing collection of inward-facing horror you need on the top of your to-be-read pile."
—Scott Bryan Wilson (Trve Kvlt, Kill More)

“Callihan writes with the vision of a rust belt Ligotti, equally concerned with the slow rot of poverty and the liminality of the dark.”
—Coy Hall (The Promise of Plague Wolves)

“These stories don’t go where you think you want them to until it happens, and you realize you weren't meant to second guess. Edwin’s prose style conjures the kind of raw imagery that imprints upon the reader leaving a lasting mark long after the story is through. This fresh voice is one we’ll be hearing from for a long while indefinitely.”  
-John Wayne Comunale (Deadline and The Cycle)

"Edwin Callihan captures the true essence of cosmic horror while exploring it through a modern lens. There is a sense of sincerity and bravery to the fiction here that makes this collection stand out. Callihan's stories are razor-sharp and emanate a power that one will not find in mere pastiche."
-Curtis M Lawson (Black Hearts Boys' Choir and Devil's Night)