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Shithole USA by Mark Zirbel
Shithole USA by Mark Zirbel
Shithole USA by Mark Zirbel


Shithole USA by Mark Zirbel

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Welcome to Florida!

A syphilitic plague has ravaged the Sunshine State, transforming its residents into sex-crazed mutants. All is well, however, within the World Village, a walled-in retirement paradise that stretches across central Florida.

But something stinks in the World Village-literally. The seniors have started worshipping their excrement. Enter Hank Shatley, a retired police detective with an unnatural fear of feces. To repay a life debt, Hank must go undercover in the World Village to investigate Alfred Peora, the community's enigmatic leader. Hank's fate is linked with that of Ryan Herro, a corporate lackey whose mother has fallen under Peora's spell. As Hank and Ryan's stories converge, the universe begins to unravel. Realities collide. Hell invades Earth. And at the center of it all is a mysterious young woman with a purple mohawk and unimaginable powers.

Mark Zirbel, the Wonderland Award-nominated author of Cyberpunk Zombie Jihad, takes you through a cyberpunk-bizarro world filled with turd terrorists, nanite technology, corporate Satanism, shit golems, a syndicate of supervillains, bickering puppets, and an alien city modeled after 1980s crime movies. When you're on a journey like this, be sure to book your stopover in Shithole USA.