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Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson
Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson
Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson


Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X. Robertson

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Jesus DeJesus is the lead singer of the Nazi Sympathisers, a punk band whose music excites its audiences into a frenzy that results in the complete annihilation of whatever city the band plays in. When Jesus is reunited with his high school crush at a gig in his home city of Scumburg, his disorder-centric way of life is soon thrown into question, making him wonder if there might be a better life in store for him. Jesus DeJesus' story is an exploration of the ever tempting urge towards total destruction.

With Jesus of Scumburg, Leo X. Roberson offers a deeply unsettling anti-gospel, bad news for a world beyond hope of repair. Straddling bizarro and splatterpunk, this short, loud, and maniacal novel embodies (and disembodies) what those genres do best; Roberson scalds the mind's eye, taking us on a break-neck tour of a hypnagogic nightmare world so that we can see our own world more accurately once we wake, for, roiling amongst the viscera and sadistic nihilism in this book-in fact, inseparable from it-we can find disturbingly familiar theologies upon which so many of our institutions have been built."

Carl Fuerst, author of The Falling Crystal Palace

"We can't stop here, this is splatterpunk country." Jesus of Scumburg is a vile journey of nihilism told with an ironically tight and beautiful prose. This book asks you to draw a line and crosses it again and again. It is a bizarre, surreal ride that will leave your head spinning. As it came to a purulent head, I could only wish it was twice as long

Megan Stockton, author of quiet, pretty things