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Bro Tomahawk DeluXXXe Print Edition: Digital Edition by The Lords of the Extreme Underground
Bro Tomahawk DeluXXXe Print Edition: Digital Edition by The Lords of the Extreme Underground
Bro Tomahawk DeluXXXe Print Edition: Digital Edition by The Lords of the Extreme Underground


Bro Tomahawk DeluXXXe Print Edition: Digital Edition by The Lords of the Extreme Underground

D&T Publishing

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"The definitive Splatter Western book. If you want to read the hardest, bloodiest, most extreme tales of the old West, look no further. Bro Tomahawk is one of the greatest anthologies ever compiled in any genre. To be fair. Bro Tomahawk includes the story that started the Splatter Western genre... Angry, Armed and Bleeding from the Anus by Terry "Tex" Musalata.

If you made the mistake of thinking the Splatter Western genre was a thing of the past... you were wrong. DEAD WRONG!"

-Dr. Splatterrot Reviews

More historically accurate than any other Splatter Western EVER. More blood, gore, killing, and graphic sex on every page than in every other Splatter Western on Amazon. A higher bullet-or-hatchet-to-victim count than any book EVER written and any movie ever made. Period. 


Bro Tomahawk is so jam-packed with taboos that we guarantee you will shit your pants. 

If you don't shit in your pants, we will return your money! *

This XXXTREME LABEL joint with Godless Slasher X Westerns features:

  • Angry, Armed and Bleeding from the Anus by Terry Musalata (author's bloodier new version)
  • A Crippling at Shit Fucker Creek by Thrash Frankenstein
  • Bukkake Hoedown by Fanny Hertz
  • Cowboys of Extinction by A. Cunt
  • Billy the Mong by Raw Dog & Henry Wankstain
  • Prematurejacushowdown at Dusty Peehole’s Saloon by Marty St. Hubbins & Steve Vagina
  • Cholera Goldrush by Freddy Fatberg
  • The Cuntslingers by Armitage Shanks
  • The Ballad of Dickfingers McGee by Scabs McDumpster


  • Sepsis - “The Cock Collector Comes to Cunt Creek”
  • Cum Gargle - “The Whorehouse of the Gods”
  • Sally Scrotum - “Bloodbath of the Soiled Dove”

*Note: Godless doesn't refund books. 


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Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

A Bizzare Horrific Bloody Fucking Cowboy Shit Godamm Time!

I got the phisical realese of BRO TOMAHAWK Deluxxe edition and I Know I should probably be reviewing this on Amazon but why not here too? Gotta say the phisical book is very good quality love the art and material used for it. Now, the storys in this book go from Straight Disgusting/Disturbing and bizzare shit to cool bloody horror and very funny dark humor. So in that Bro tomahak delivers what it promises. Extreme tales of the old west. Angry armed and Bleeding from the Anus by Terry Tex Musalata is a bloody disturbing start for this anthology. just the first page itself its gonna hit you whit some taboo shit. But honestly, have you ever read a story about a old woman seeking revenge while bleeding from her Anus? Gotta say thats pretty cool and nasty. The Ballad of Dickfingers Mcgee by Scabs Mcdumbter is just a bizzare hilarious tale about Dickfingers Mcgee and Kid coitus. Thats is just funny as fuck! Very creative and a fun time to read. Cowboys of Extinction by A CUNT is a wtf kind of story cuz I did not understood almost nothing. All I understoon was a massive cowboy orgy to the end of the world. I think thats all you have to understand tho, its still a hilarious ride. Premature Ejacushowdown at Dusty pisshole's Saloon by Vagina steve & St. Hubbins is just a bloody disgusting funny time to read. This one made me burst out laughing. Billy the Mong by Raw Dog & Henry Wankstain is just as unpredictable as it is hilarious. this one felt like it could create a whole ass war in social media. Its funny and ruthless. Bukkake Hoedown by Fanny Hertz is nasty but I Find it as a really interesting tale about a whore scared of getting old and that leads her to a horrifiying sycle. I feel like there is also a very cool moment of body horror in this one that honestly was just PEAK. The Cuntslinger by Armitage Shanks is as funny as it is disturbingly disgusting specially towards the end. A crippling at shit Fucker Creek by Thrash Frankenstein was a very cool story whit a twist that I did not saw coming. It was very cool to read and in moments it felt badass but also not afraid of being taboo. Cholera Goldrush by Freddy Fatberg is the most disgusting thing. No kidding when I say this story was very close on making me puke. AWESOME! Bloodbath of the soiled Dove by Sally Scrotum was bloody disturbing gotta say that town had it coming. The Cock collector Comes to Cunt Creek by Sepsis was a Bloody uncomftable disturbing tale. But in the end what a cold badass ending godammit. Whorehouse of the Gods by Cum Gargle was a sick twisted straight forward bloody disturbing western horror story. Its just sick man, loved it! Bro Tomahawk Deluxxe edition gives what they promise. The most extreme tales of the old west. Gotta say hopefully one day the cowboy zombie from the cover gets its own bloody story! Would love to read.