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We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller
We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller
We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller

We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller

Gloom House Publishing

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Human horror is an undeniable reality, one we’re reminded of every time we watch the evening news or scroll through social media content. But what about the otherworldly horrors dwelling in the shadows throughout our world, those that conflict with our reality? Terry Miller offers a glimpse of several such examples: a horrifying pact with a mysterious figure, beings that walk among us wearing human flesh, the grim business of working with the dead, animalistic metamorphoses, an evil unleashed from an abandoned house, hauntings too chilling to be believed, and more. These stories and poems serve to remind us of one inescapable truth: We all die eventually. 


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Mike R.
United States United States

Plenty Of Perversions Packed Into One Book

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller A man disposes of his wife in the most murderous way. Buried under a mound of packed earth in the backyard, he continues his selfish life. However, the saying “love never dies” has never rung truer. A church in a small isolated town is very devoted to their religion. These friendly church-going folks have always welcomed new comers and have faithfully preached about those who lead us astray. Now…”let us prey.” A married couple work hard at tending to their cornfields. Anticipating a prosperous season, they are prepared and equipped with a barn, a scarecrow, some corn seeds and of course a wood chipper. “The more blood, the greater the yield”…are words to live by. Terry Miller presents his short story and poetry collection entitled We All Die Eventually. This bright and cheerful title carries with it stories that range from a bizarre house that sits on Perry Lane to Stewart Lively’s disturbing Funeral Home. Creepy creatures, corrupt congregations and wood chippers…”did I mention wood chippers?” All of these unsettling images of eeriness have emerged from Miller’s fictional darkness and straight into your living room. We All Die Eventually connects to the dead a little more than the living. It runs the horror gambit of karma fed gruesomeness, ominous apparitions and stylistic rhythms of nightmarish poetry. There are plenty of perversions and suffering packed into this book. All of these elements show off Terry Miller’s talent of versatility. With all this being said, I would like to end this review with my own poem that represents We All Die Eventually by Terry Miller: A single last kiss from thee A last embrace shall we A sip of formaldehyde with me And together we shall be free A Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

The V.
United States United States

Eerie Dark Stories And Poems

This is a wonderful collection of 13 dark horror stories and poems by Terry Miller. Some of these stories I should not have read in my dark bedroom before bedtime! The only light I had was the light from my kindle to illuminate just enough get my imagination going. I got freaked out and kept staring at shadows in my room, lol! I will highlight my favs below. To Dance in the Rain– This is a story about Jed, a farmer, and the sacrifices he has to make to get a good harvest each year. He gets direction this year that he needs to make a special sacrifice, but does he have it in him to do it? The Pale Ones– This was a horrifying tale of a child seeing strange things popping up in her room and around her bed. The description of these monsters is terrifying! The mystery and suspense kept me going on this one. This is the one that freaked me out so much that I couldn’t sleep for a bit. A New Wolf for Old Bones– This was a fantastic story about a older man who keeps hearing the howling of dogs in the middle of the night. He is not the only one hearing them as his neighbors are too. Little does he know that a chance encounter would change his life forever! Perry Lane– Ricky and Sarah are two young kids who enjoy being outside and riding their bikes together. They come upon an old abandoned house and dare each other to go inside. They build up the courage to go explore the house with their flash light and meet an unexpected evil inhabitant. The Congregation– While passing through a small town on the way to see her family, Laura attends some church services during her stay. She takes the message of the pastor to heart and feels drawn to go to the next service. Meanwhile, people are being found in the small town with bullet holes and mutilated. What is really going on in this small town? So if you like reading about darker subjects and what goes bump in the night, you have to check this book out! I really enjoyed it and I think you will too!

Kate M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


“Since the mysterious old man had visited the farm in the spring, the crows had stopped coming around. On the rare occasion they did, Jed later found them dead in the field.” Overall, this was a more tame selection of short stories and poems by Terry Miller (compared to his other works). You definitely encounter a wide range of creepy, gothic, and atmospheric horror instead. This was a nice change in pace from all the splatter and extreme horror I’ve recently been reading. I would’ve liked to see a bit more of a conclusion to some of the stories, many feel left to the reader to determine what happens next.

United States United States
I recommend this product

An Incredible Horror Fiction Experience

To paraphrase author Terry Miller, his collection We All Die Eventually is a collection of traditional horror from before he shifted to more extreme horror. To be clear, he said before he shifted to MORE extreme horror. These stories have a range of intensity, and some do indeed have extreme content and/or borderline extreme graphicness. So don’t think this collection won’t make you involuntarily suck in a loud breath that makes your partner go “What!? What’s wrong?” because it probably will. In We All Die Eventually, Terry Miller brings his signature intensity and skillful storytelling to some classic themes: haunted house, vengeful spirit, werewolves, boogiemen, a pact with an ominous stranger (one of my favorites in this collection), even a haunting tribute to Poe. But though the themes are classic, there is nothing ordinary or predictable here, not with Miller’s pen on the paper. One that stands out as different from the others, however, is “Darkness Consumes.” It’s dark, clever, speaks to you in a way that lures you in to make you one with it—very impactful. And, as mentioned, I especially liked the brilliant and gripping story “To Dance in the Rain,” but I also enjoyed the balance of subtext and brutality in “A New Wolf for Old Bones.” Every story has something to recommend it. Then the book concludes appropriately with dark and compelling poetry that defines the space where Shakespeare meets Poe. This collection is an incredible horror fiction reading experience of death and despair, hopes and horrors, characters and stories that grasp your mind guts and pull you in. A highly recommended horror read.