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Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned by Peter Molnar
Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned by Peter Molnar

Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned by Peter Molnar

Stitched Smile Publications

A Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned escorts you through a thorny landscape of authentically flawed and frightening Americana. In this collection of two short novels, twenty-first-century tragedy intersects with the treacherous influence of the modern vampire. The New Damned pull the strings undercover of night and fresh dirt, but when human and preternatural evil meet at an inevitable crossroads, the stakes have never been higher, and the fallout is a visceral red rhapsody …

“The Remainders: A Revenge Fantasy” enters the sideways life of Natalie Kincaid, a former renowned medium who has lost her ability and fallen upon the hardest of times. When a vengeful spirit manages to contact her and promises to restore Natalie’s talents in exchange for the chance to take revenge on his murderers, two Confederacy vampires called The Remainders, how could she refuse? Now, Natalie finds herself locked into a race against time not only to hold up her end of the bargain but also to stop The Remainders from ultimately igniting a second Civil War between humankind and The Damned.

“Dallas Teller’s Kill List” examines the fallout following a teenage misfit who comes to his high school with a gun and a list of students and faculty marked for assassination. Mary Marguerite, the school’s guidance counselor, seeks to unearth the reasons behind the boy’s shocking act. Suspicious about the cult-like popularity of one of the English teachers, she sets out to find the truth. But Mary is unprepared for the diabolical things that have been happening right under her nose. With the lives and safety of hundreds of students hanging in the balance, will Mary put the pieces together in time?






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