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Malinae by Josh Schlossberg
Malinae by Josh Schlossberg

Malinae by Josh Schlossberg

D&T Publishing


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The absentmindedness. The nonsensical ramblings. The blank stares. Ward Ayers, physically disabled and confined to his Jersey Shore home, can only watch in dismay as his beloved wife Malina slips further and further into dementia.
But when Ward catches a glimpse of a strange appendage in place of Malina’s tongue, he fears the woman he’s loved for half a century isn’t succumbing to Alzheimer’s but transforming into something…not quite human. As he tries to make sense of his wife’s disturbing changes, he starts wondering if he’s the one losing his mind.
Until, finally, Ward uncovers the dark force behind Malina’s decline and must plumb the depths of sacrifice and selfishness to reclaim his wife and preserve humanity’s future.
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Christina P.
United States United States
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Immediately buy this one.

Next up on my never ending backlog of reviews is Josh Schlossberg and his book, Malinae. **Disclaimer: I received a free audiobook code in exchange for a review. This did not affect my rating or personal review** Now that that’s all done, let’s get into this whole book of awesome! While Josh is a new to me author, I’m excited about what he has coming in the future. Malinae is the story of an old man, Ward, and his wife, Malina, living out the last of their happily ever after. Oh, Malinae may or may not be possessed by something. Oh, and they have a piece of monkey farts in home caretaker. Oh, there’s some death, some blood, and a whole lot of insanity between page 1 and the last. I HATED Celeste! I wanted to stab her in the right butt cheek until she died. Just a terrible character and I absolutely adore when a writer can make a character so terrible I want to commit actual violence against them. The narration was phenomenal as well. But the story… that’s where the money shot is. Immediately pick this one up. 5/5 Patrick Stars

Andy C.
A Masterful Blend of Horror!

The fear of aging is one that we all face, and it is hit on very hard. Also, having a loved one falling victim to Alzheimer’s is very difficult. Josh captured the pain loved ones watching the decline have to endure. The book switches gears toward the end, and he executes a major switch in tone. It then transfers to some body horror, and some occult. It’s a drastic switch, but Josh executes it with ease and finesse.Malinae is a story of an elderly couple in their “Golden Years”, being cared for by two in home caregivers. Ward and Malina have been married nearly half a century, and their lives are slowing down. Malina is suffering from Alzheimer’s, Ward is heartbroken, and at a point where he questions the failings of their bodies. Ward seems like he only has one love left, and that is when he is coloring in his books. However, when his grandson Jason arrives, and ends up staying Ward has ideas. This soon changes as something isn’t right with the caregivers and Malina. I cannot praise Josh enough for this incredible story, and I do not say that lightly! His style really made me reminiscent of when I was reading Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby with a hint of the feel that Robert Bloch gave off in Psycho. Josh’s writing is eloquent, and completely engrossing! I give Malinae five Asterias’ out of five Asterias’! It was hard to put down, and I do not think it could be better in any way. I love the flow of his writing, and will read forthcoming works. This is a must read of 2021!