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The Fall Guy by Simon Wood
The Fall Guy by Simon Wood

The Fall Guy by Simon Wood

Red Room Press

There is darkness in all of us even if we choose not to acknowledge it or act on it. What happens when a person not only acknowledges their darkness but revels in exploiting it to the fullest? Join me on a journey and explore the many different ways people choose to express their…Depravity.

In the second installment, we find two brothers Chris and Clint after a night out. Clint brings his latest conquest home much to the chagrin of Chris. He knows the evil his brother is capable of, but is too weak to stop him. Chris may be the older brother, but Clint is the one in complete control. Over the years under the guise of protecting him, Clint has systematically taken control of Chris’ life. Will Chris find the strength to break the hold his brother has over him consequences be damned, or will he forever remain a Voyeur of his own life?






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