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Blowie by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker
Blowie by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker
Blowie by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker

Blowie by Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker

Simon McHardy and Sean Hawker

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Stuck on Stanley Island with his marine biologist father and no women in sight, sexually frustrated Leo comes upon a chance encounter with a beached dolphin that will change his life forever. Amidst his newfound sexual awakening, Leo sets out in search of the ultimate orgasm—dipping his wick into the blubbery, moist folds of a majestic blue whale’s blowhole. Join Leo along with his father, Greenpeace, and a Japanese whaling fleet in this touching, coming-of-age story about a boy and his whale. 

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Leo lives on a remote research station off the coast of Tasmania with his marine biologist father. Leo has hit puberty, and there isn't a woman in sight on the island. Besides feverishly masterbating, he enjoys beach combing when he comes across a stranded dolphin. You can see where this is headed. A quick but hilarious read from the duo that never disappoints Check it out! 5 severed fingers out of 5

Dakota D.

This Hole Was Meant For Me!

Look, I get it. As a man, there’s something about holes that make you want to stick your fingers and other appendages in them, see how far you can dig in there, and see if it can keep you entertained for a while. However, if you do so find yourself walking the beach and see a beached porpoise, remember this story as a cautionary tale. It’s a slippery slope bedding these slippery mammals.

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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Cover your face

A young and lonely man, alone, with none one to love. Everyday feels like the last, boredom sets in. Enter beached dolphin . Long story short, the Sea Shepard needs helps protecting whales - and holes get violated. The end! This was a weird short tale of looking for love in all the wrong places.

Christina P.
United States United States
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There she blows.

Let’s start with a cuddly little story from two of the most non-offending gents around, Simon Mchardy and Sean Hawker and BLOWIE. Leo lives off Tasmania on an island with his Dad, Dr. Hood. When Leo starts experiencing what all boys go through, the want for boobs and any and all holes, he learns he has a kink that most do not have. How far is he willing to go for that good shit? Ever wondered what a dolphins blowhole smells like after being fingered? Wondered if what comes out of a blowhole is cum or a cold? What about embarrassing your Dad in front of a boat of people from Greenpeace with yourself dick deep in a whale’s blowhole? If you need to know the answers to this and many other questions of the world, I would suggest picking it up. I really feel like you guys know I’m a McHardy/Hawker fangirl. There’s no need to hide it. Did I love this one? Yep. Will others? Don’t give a shit. One of my favorites because it’s 100% insane and that’s the kind of story we need right now.

Canada Canada

Whale Of A Tale

Loved this! Definitely not for the squeamish. The dynamic duo strike again! What starts out as an almost wholesome coming of age story…. Ends in….. well… the description isn’t wrong. Perverse greatness!!!