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Bitch in the Box by S.B. Medina
Bitch in the Box by S.B. Medina

Bitch in the Box by S.B. Medina

S.B. Medina

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Five strangers trapped in an elevator. Twenty-seven square feet of confined space. A phone that won’t stop ringing. An alarm that won’t stop wailing. A weekend that won’t end.

Each of them has their own dirty little secret, their own bizarre fetish, but only one has a thirst for revenge so deep that they’ll descend into the darkest of depravities to see it satiated. It's no coincidence that they're trapped, no accident that help isn’t coming, but nobody could have anticipated just how dark things would get . . . or how quickly.

BITCH IN THE BOX is a claustrophobic death trip of extreme fetishes and sickness, all lashed out inside an elevator. It’s a freaky read - fun, morbidly funny, and extremely dark. A deadly, grotesque, good time that’s neither for faint hearts nor weak stomachs.

Come and open the doors. We won’t be going anywhere, but you're still in for the ride of your life.