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We're Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror by Gloom House Publishing

Gloom House Publishing

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For the marginalized and oppressed, the expression of dread varies greatly. There has been no safer place than art to communicate such powerful thoughts and feelings. And never have these voices been so embraced as in the horror genre. Hence, the existence of this important book—We’re Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror. Comprised of twelve stories, We’re Here boldly speaks its mind, presents old and new horrors, and celebrates the beautiful spectrum of otherness. Even in fiction, we live our truths.

*All proceeds from this book go to the Trevor Project.

Contributing authors
Judith Sonnet
Hailey Piper
Angelique Jordonna
Sumiko Saulson
Michael R. Collins
Pippa Bailey
Ruth Anna Evans
Evan J. Peterson
Dan B. Fierce
James Lefebure
Anton Cancre
Jason LaVelle

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I recommend this product

So good!

These stories are sad, horrific and weird. Uplift some queer voices and give this book a chance.

The V.
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All The Emotions Of Fear, Anxiety And Vulnerability

This anthology published by Gloom House Publishing is an amazing assortment of stories told in the perspectives of characters just trying to be themselves. These 12 stories go into the harsh realities of what it is like to live in society and reveals the fear and anxiety that they may feel or experience. Some of these tales are visceral and brutal; I will admit, hard to get through at times. I will highlight some of the ones I enjoyed best here. Chaser by Judith Sonnet– Tulsa is a woman that tries to avoid the trolls in her inbox. She keeps to herself most of the time but a puzzling message comes through that doesn’t want to be ignored. This story put me on edge right at the start. Sonnet brilliantly portrays the fear and uncertainty that Tulsa must deal with. She Was The First: A Dani Story by Angelique Jordonna– Jordonna thrills us with a tale that supplements her Dani novella. Dani has a conversation with her lover about the first time she killed. The detail of the brutality really made this story a great one! The Denouement of Freeze-Dried Coffee by Sumiko Saulson– The world is in an apocalyptical state due to an event that has caused the sea to rise. A group of friends must work together to survive and get to a safe place. Saulson did a great job showing the loyalty of friendship in this one. The Sin-Eaters by Michael R. Collins– Della has committed an act that her family believes is sinful. They need to restore their daughter and remove those impure thoughts, so they call the Sin-Eaters to come take away her sins. This story was really creepy because as the reader, I was not sure what was going to happen. This story was wild and kept me guessing! Insurrection by Ruth Anna Evans– This was a powerful tale of a couple that is trying to survive in a world where the extremists have taken over. People that do not fit their mold are being rounded up and removed from society. I quickly became invested in this couple. The brutality they see made it hard to get through this story. This hit close to home because I can see how these events could potentially happen. This story is a bleak glimpse into an alternative future that could come to pass. It’s scary as hell! A Song of Sorrow by James Lefebure– Callie is a woman who recalls her past, reminiscing of the things she loved then. Her song takes her back to those happy times. That song also is how she survives as the Lady of the Loch! This is a story of betrayal and the consequences of that betrayal. I really enjoyed this story! Trauma by Jason Lavelle– Raena has moved into her new to her older home. She finds she is not alone in the home, but accepts those that were there before her. A dinner party with friends ensues. But will she heed the warnings from her house ghosts? This story blew me away! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Lavelle did a fantastic job showing the vulnerability of Raena. In all, this was a fantastic line up of stories. Definitely shelf worthy, so so get your copy today!

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I recommend this product

A Phenomenal Horror Collection

We’re Here: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror is everything the title promises and everything you want it to be. All the stories are by exceptional LGBTQ+ authors, and these stories range from horrifying to evocative to impactful, and all things in between. The anthology begins with the unholy, horrifying, and impactful “Chaser” by Judith Sonnet. The supernatural elements will twist your insides, but the true horror comes from the realisms of the premise. Next is “She Tasted of Good Fortune” by Hailey Piper, a dark and twisted bizarro thriller that’s insanely riveting. In “She Was the First; a Dani Story” by Angelique Jordonna, Dani tells Lyric about her first time, but it’s not the “first time” you think, and the ending is a jaw-dropper. “The Denouement of Freeze-Dried Coffee” by Sumiko Saulson is an evocative and disturbing dystopian tale of horrors both all too real and all too possible. The impressive tension and subtext will tighten both your guts and your chest. Then there’s “The Sin-Eaters” by Michael R. Collins. Collins never disappoints, and this dark, twisted, and poignant tale about homophobia and sin is intense and ultimately gruesome. A very powerful piece. “Ténèbres Mon Amour” by Pippa Baily is beautiful, deep, and dark prose about Darkness and self; there is incredible symbolism here. “Insurrection” by Ruth Anna Evans is moving and horrifying, a story about interconnected horrors that represent fears all too many people face. “The Parachute” by Evan J Peterson is a curious and compelling story that is surprisingly, wonderfully twisted. Dan B. Fierce’s “Take Me to Church” is a hardcore horror story about a church’s reform program for gay youths. This is a gut-wrencher on many levels. James Lefefure’s “A Song of Sorrow” is a dark tale of homophobia, betrayal, and legendary horrors. Anton Cancre’s “Endless, He Said” is a flowing story of horrors you simply have to read. The anthology wraps up with the complex and chilling “Trauma” by Jason LaVelle. This is a lot of story in a small package, expertly told and disturbingly evocative. We’re Here is an incredible, shelf-worthy anthology, a phenomenal collection of stories by truly talented authors. The horrors herein, both real and (surely) fictional, take up residence in your mind and haunt your thoughts long after the last page is turned. A fully 5-star, highly recommended read. And it is a charity anthology to boot; all proceeds benefit The Trevor Project.