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Do Not Go In That House by Ruth Anna Evans
Do Not Go In That House by Ruth Anna Evans
Do Not Go In That House by Ruth Anna Evans

Do Not Go In That House by Ruth Anna Evans

Gloom House Publishing

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When a true-crime podcaster uncovers the cold case of a child murder, she thinks she’s found her next big story. But the gruesome tale triggers a bipolar episode, and Maggie just can’t stay away from the house where the heinous crime took place. A few bad decisions later, Maggie finds herself trapped at the scene of the crime, hallucinating the murdered child’s ghost. It may not just be her mania keeping her there, though. It may be something truly evil.

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Samantha R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

4 �

"Do Not Go In That House" by Ruth Anna Evans. I was sent my copy in exchange for an honest review. Maggie Bennett is a warehouse worker with a podcast in search of her next big story. After discovering a cold case of an old child murder she has no doubt that this story will be the one that rockets her towards success. What Maggie didn't expect was for this gruesome tale of terror to send her reeling into a bipolar episode. Several unnerving occurrences later, Maggie begins to question what's really going on in her life. Is this really mania? Is this true evil? You'll have to read to find out. Maggie was a character that I really empathized with. I understood a lot of her feelings in regards to mental health, and I also really related to that sense of pursuing something larger than yourself, the need to be recognized for your hard work. Since finishing this story, I've wondered many times what actually happened to Maggie. Was the house truly evil? Were all of these occurrences simply manic episodes? Was the child Maggie was investigating truly murdered by his family, or was his death caused by something more sinister? I still have no idea. What I do know, though, is that this story was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat, and the ending was perfectly horrifying.

Mike R.
United States United States

A Confrontation Of Pure Evil

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation Do Not Go In That House by Ruth Anna Evans Maggie is purchasing a suburban two-story house that is for sale. Nothing out of the ordinary, except this particular piece of real estate has a very dark and gruesome past. She is infatuated by her true-crime podcast and the violent misdeeds that took place years ago within the home. She begins to investigate the truth behind the cold case but the house is intent on keeping its secret safe and sound. What she uncovers is something not only beyond explanation but also unmasks a sinister existence that still remains. Do Not Go In That House is not only a psychological thriller but also a confrontation of complete pure evil. Author Ruth Anna Evans lays a haunting foundation of creepiness by introducing a brutal murder of a little boy and its impact on the family. This component is an immediate result that will affect the reader’s mind (and hearts) with a genuine fear. Evan’s undertaking of combining true-crime with paranormal horror is an effective Amityville vibe that lies within the abandoned house on Linden Street. Add cold spots, slamming doors as well as blood splatters and you have a found footage atmosphere with an unforgettable Gloom House Publishing reading experience. Ruth Anna Evans takes the term “there’s no place like home” and turns the trope into an eerie “stranger than fiction”encounter with the unknown. There’s nothing more fascinating and unsettling as a real haunted house ghost story and Evans takes the reader to all those forbidden spooky territories. There’s no shortage of creaks, whispers and groans in this bring-you-to-the-edge-of-your-seat book. A spectral Horror Bookworm Recommendation

Diana R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Set Up!

Maggie runs a true crime podcast, and the latest case involves a child murder. She really feels this will be the story that makes her go viral. As she digs deeper into the story, she starts to have a bipolar episode which starts a whole string of events, some of which could have serious consequences. Evans wastes no time tossing the reader into the chaos that is Maggie’s world. Everything unfolds rather quickly, which I enjoyed because it really pulls you in. When we first entered the house, I got some unsettling vibes. Just like her followers, I wanted Maggie to explore further to see what the house was hiding and what she might uncover. Evans did a fabulous job setting this up. The description of the house, the struggles that Maggie was having and, of course, Maggie herself. She was an interesting character. Watching her spiral was a bit tough at times, but Evans presented it well. If you haven’t read anything by Ruth Anna, you really should. I’ve enjoyed each book of hers I’ve read, and they just keep getting better. She’s a pro when it comes to snatching the reader up and planting them right inside the book.

United States United States

Great From Beginning To End

Finally a bipolar character that's super relatable. This was an excellent story from beginning to end.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Suspenseful and Horrifying

Do Not Go in That House by Ruth Anna Evans is the haunted house story no one else would dare to write. This genre blurring psychological-thriller-supernatural-horror is a brilliantly messed-up story, and I don’t know if I am shocked or in awe. It chilled me to my bones. This is an intense story that encompasses an ominous house, the mystery of the death that occurred there, the struggles of neuro-mental illness, and the societal obsession with social media popularity. It sounds like a lot, but Evans weaves these things together seamlessly and masterfully into a riveting tale that flows with suspense and emotion and dread. I could not put it down, even when it freaked me out. Evans’s unapologetic portrayal of bipolar is so impactful it should come with a warning label. Maggie is a complex and vivid character you find yourself speaking loud to because you connect with her—and seriously, do not go in that house! But beware, her social mirroring is like a sucker punch. The story itself grabs you in an uncomfortable place and holds you to it. The synopsis does not do it justice at all. The synopsis is simple and straightforward (and not wrong), but the story itself is complex and suspenseful and brutally evocative. It has some truly horrifying imagery, some nail-biting sequences, and a twist that will keep you up at night. Do Not Go in That House is a solid 5-star recommendation, a shelf-worthy read, and Ruth Anna Evans is truly an author to watch.