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The Web of La Sanguinaire and Other Arachnid Horrors by Ronald Kelly
The Web of La Sanguinaire and Other Arachnid Horrors by Ronald Kelly

The Web of La Sanguinaire and Other Arachnid Horrors by Ronald Kelly

D&T Publishing

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Where do the spiders go at night?

Do they creep and crawl through the bushes and trees?

Up the porch posts and across the eaves?

Do they scramble inside? Skitter soundlessly down the hall?

Do they enter your bedroom, climb the bedcovers and wall?

Do they drop from the ceiling, shivering and cold?

Do they find your mouth open and think

“What a lovely abode…”

Ronald Kelly, the master of Southern-fried horror, brings you eight, spine-tingling tales of spiders invading your comfort zone and behaving badly.

  • An old Cajun takes a curious traveler into the dark depths of a Louisiana bayou, in search of a rare species of spider…
  • A doctor discovers that his increasing forgetfulness is due to an ancient horror lurking in the basement of his house…
  • An ungrateful nephew inherits his aunt’s home, which is supposedly infested by brown recluse spiders…
  • Three boys spend the afternoon at a horror double-feature matinee, unaware of what’s taking place outside…
  • A surgeon’s discovery of spiders inside human bodies leads him to an abandoned jail cell in a West Texas town…
  • A family’s summer trip to the beach unearths traces of legendary gold… and the creatures that protect it…
  • A teenage girl’s infatuation with an online friend lures her to a traveling carnival and the back booth of a sideshow tent…
  • A nostalgic stop at an aged roadside attraction provides a family with an adventure of a lifetime, until their only source of escape comes to a screeching halt…
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Corrina M.
Arachnaphobes Beware!!

If you don't like spiders, don't read this, or do...if you want to be scared badly! If you didn't like spiders before reading this book, you definitely won't now!! It's left me itching all over and seeing little black, scurrying movements out of the corner of my eye......brilliant!