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Dime Detective by Randy Chandler
Dime Detective by Randy Chandler

Dime Detective by Randy Chandler

Red Room Press

“A woman lies down with the devil, she should expect to catch some hell.”

When barroom bouncer Joe Dall's ex-wife is murdered, he finds himself pressed into service as a novice private eye. Something very dark and deadly lurks in the lush shadows of the sleepy Florida town and if he can't unmask the killer soon, others close to Joe will die. Working on a powerful client's dime, Joe Dall's first case could be his last.


"The new breed of retro authors isn't getting paid by the word and, therefore, isn't padding thin stories; instead, they're crafting their books with considerable care and quality, and this novel is every bit a winner. Chandler introduces PI Joe Dall in a slick, atmospheric work that captures the underbelly of the 1950s with a sharp eye for detail and a flair for the sinister." --Booklist

"To find a wonderful example of hardboiled detective noir today, you need not look any further than Randy Chandler's latest novel Dime Detective." --Walt Hicks, Hellbound Times

"With the publication of his latest novel, Randy Chandler gives modern readers a truly wonderful taste of a bygone age complemented by today's views on women and minorities ... From Dot Barker, a kind of big sister, to Valentine Cooper and her shotgun, Chandler's characters go beyond the stereotypical dames, dolls, and broads that filled the pulps for a cast of strong, multidimensional, and entertaining characters. Readers can only hope to see them again in a sequel." --ForeWord Reviews






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