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Angel Steel by Randy Chandler
Angel Steel by Randy Chandler

Angel Steel by Randy Chandler

Red Room Press

When virgin warrior Braga learns from a cross-cult sorcerer that Fate has chosen her to steal the sword of a rogue angel, she lights out on a dangerous quest from mystical Hag Mountain to other worlds, and even into the bowels of hell. With her soul in the balance, she and the mist-walking sorcerer encounter all manner of damned souls, demons, the living dead, and noble fighters.

A sweeping tale of vengeance and manipulative evil, Angel Steel takes you on an intriguing trip into the dark fantastic.

Bonus Story: An Eldritch Steel tale of Rorc, a barbarian seeking the scourge that walks on two legs. He and his warhorse, Demon, must deal with shape-shifters and unearthly monsters before their journey's mysterious end.






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