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All Saints Day by Dani Brown
All Saints Day by Dani Brown
All Saints Day by Dani Brown


All Saints Day by Dani Brown

Dani Brown


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Happy Day After Halloween (or All Saints Day).

It is Dr. Spinner's favourite day of the year. The dentist likes drilling into teeth and books in extra patients for the day after Halloween. But first, she has to deal with one of the outreach patients. That works out good. Her and Nurse Betty can't drill into children's teeth on an empty stomach.

This year is a bit different for Dr. Spinner and Nurse Betty. This year, they've managed to mail order space spider eggs and Dr. Spinner is so ready to lay them in the mouths of her young patients. These space spider eggs and the radiation make her young patients go crazy, but some children have escaped a trip to the dentist.

The only way to kill a spider is with fire. 
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Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Spiders, Dentists and Invasion

Dani takes two big phobias, dentists and spiders. Then smashes them together to create a filth-filled story of world domination and spider eggs in your mouth. Then thrusts it down your throat like a suction device, we meet Nurse Betty and Dr Spinner. A sadistic Dentist and raunchy Nurse who are actually space spiders in human costumes. I know it definitely fits the Halloween motif, as they prey on the poor and defenceless to start an uprising on Earth. Aside from the rat squishing I got through this story by the skin of my teeth. As Dani projects her imagination for the most gross-out and disgusting scenes of blood and death. Also tempted to use the glowing green goo idea for next year's Halloween costume, but still Dani knows how to set the scene. If you do have arachnophobia this story will not help, because Dani goes into every single detail of the form under the latex human suit and some. Then of course you discuss those on support or homeless. As Dani shows the pre-existing notions from both sides, those who believe low income are the scum of the earth con artists and then the truth from those on the other side. So great balance and also an intergalactic war for supremacy over the human race which is also pretty cool. This story proves she is, and always will be, the Queen of Filth.