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Frankie Says Die by Matthew Cash
Frankie Says Die by Matthew Cash
Frankie Says Die by Matthew Cash

Frankie Says Die by Matthew Cash

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Francis Foster, Last of the Liver-Eaters, 16th century warlock and all-around nasty piece of work has developed an addiction to killing people. 

He's been doing it for five hundred years or more, body-swapping left, right and centre when needs must and starting a new serial killer's reign. But he bites off much more than he can chew when his soul-transference ritual goes wrong and he ends up in the body of a dachshund.

Now that he's a dog he can't say or do the things he needs to do to perform the magic to hijack someone else's body and that's where Tommy comes into play.

Tommy is The Boy Who Sees, well that was his title before he ran away from Ray Greenfield's psychotic circus. Tommy is psychic, can understand Frankie's dilemma but refuses to help the possessed pooch continue his evil-doings,  especially when the next body in question is one Tommy's been admiring for several years.

Georgina and her best mate Suki aren't like normal women their age, they're geeks, dirty-minded, emotionless freaks who want nothing better than to curl up with the latest Junji Ito whilst a gruesome serial killer documentary  plays in the background.

However their usual routine gets distorted when Georgina's dog  starts acting weird after she is attacked at the kennels she works in and a unusual circus comes to town. Their friend goes missing and they decide to play Scooby Doo [ they're Velma and Shaggy as neither wants to be Daphne] and get to the bottom of the strange goings-on.

Frankie is well and truly fucked. 

He's trapped, becoming more doggy by the day and something from his past  is travelling with this demented circus that not only has the power to devour him  but quite possibly the entire universe.