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Horror Books Extreme Horror Underground Indie Horror Books Bookstore Godless Splatterpunk

Scrapyard Shuffle by Lance Loot (Emerge #18)

D&T Publishing

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Z Recycling. A grimy, industrial scrapyard haven for all discarded metallic objects. Meet Wyatt, Smokey, and Jose—a ragtag trio of scrapper cohorts as well as best pals—who devote much of their time to Z. Recycling (in addition to drinking copious amounts of beer together!), collecting and exchanging various metals for quick cash.

Amidst bustling machinery and gaggles of colorful characters constantly shuffling about, there is never a dull moment at the scrapyard. However, unbeknownst to all, the place harbors a terrible secret: a dormant wicked power resides upon the property, and the time is now for its rude awakening!

And when the sinister sentience infiltrates the yard’s stockpiled mountain of metal, commandeering the myriad components of old washing machines, heating lamps, and expired motors for its own heinous purposes, all hell breaks loose! Wyatt, Smokey, and Jose swiftly find themselves in a tumultuous battle for their lives and must defeat the metallic monster by any means necessary!


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Nat W.
I recommend this product

Monster Mash up!

A sentient scrap monster? Sign me up! This was a great introduction to Lance. What a way to showcase his ability to create a scene. In this short story, I fell in love with Jose, Smokey, and Wyatt instantly. This also shows that Lance isn't afraid to project the scene beautifully in his writing. From the description of the monster which had a Terminatoreets deception vibe. To the illustrations of how the area looked, and the way the chase went all down to every fine detail. This makes me want to read more of Lance’s work. You know me. I love an author who can project his vision onto paper. No exception with Lance, in this action-packed short horror.

Paul G.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A High-Octane, Fuel-Filled Story of Junkyard Fun!

Lance Loot's Emerge Novelette SCRAPYARD SHUFFLE introduces you to the world of scrapping, where the main protagonist Wyatt, turns other people's metal trash into monetary treasure. His friends Smokey, an old-timer who would regale about the "old days" of scrapping, and Jose, who would push the scrap metal about with his hydraulic backhoe, would reside at Z Recycling, where they would tell tales, drink beer, and bullshit about. When a strange and unknown alien being from another world begins to utilize the various scrap metal entities and form a humanlike structure with these parts, it goes on a kill-crazy rampage, leaving mutilated bodies and buckets of gore in its wake. The trio team up and do their damnest to battle the alien metal maniac before it perpetuates more damage and death. Mr. Loot's remarkable imagination and fantastic storytelling make this story a must-read. His characters are humorous and likable; the creature is described in great detail as you can envision each piece of scrap being attached to it, creating an intimidating nightmare. It is a brisk and fun read for anyone that enjoys a sci-fi/horror hybrid. I look forward to more of what Mr. Loot can bring to us. Check it out!

Alana K. Drex
United States United States
I recommend this product

Vividly disturbing!

The setting for this was awesome. I don't know why I thought of The Brave Little Toaster, but I did. 90s kid I guess! Anyways, Lance has a true gift with words and the way he can describe a scene. From the beginning we know there is something very wrong at the scrapyard. Something waiting for the right moment to wreak havoc. The payoff is awesome, because we definitely get that along with humorous smaller-part characters that get pulled into the melee. LOVED IT and can't wait for more from this author.