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THE SLOTH: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 3) by Kevin Sweeney
THE SLOTH: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 3) by Kevin Sweeney

THE SLOTH: Extreme Horror (The SeVIIn Sick Sins Book 3) by Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney

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Tang believed he had figured out an easy way of creating content on the dark web's social networking site, CIRCLES; he simply overlaid his own vile, vicious commentary on the videos of mayhem and murder that the site's many other psychopaths uploaded. Lazy? Yes, but all the views he gained for spewing hateful trash-talk over other's work was making him money... until he stole content from the wrong people.

The Disciple of Iscariot and his cultists have made it their mission to brutally torture sinners into correcting their ways. They have dealt with THE LUSTY and THE GLUTTONS, and have now abducted Tang so that he may earn his salvation by indulging in the sin of SLOTH. All he has to do to survive is lie perfectly still for 24 hours, not moving a single muscle, not breathing a word... no matter what hideous things are done to him.


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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Pure madness

Another story I went into blind and I'm absolutely hooked on this series! I'm going to need to read all of these. Disgusting, bloody, out there and very very creative. I can't believe it's taken me this long to read this.

Gerhard G.

SEV11N picks up where SE7EN left off

If you are old enough to have watched SE7EN in the theater, you likely know how lucky you were. There was something about this suspense/thriller/horror that I had never seen before, and I don't think a lot of people had. The movie starred mainstream actors but it pushed the boundaries beyond what you would normally see in a mainstream film. It wasn't long, though, before that boundary was being pushed back even further. In comparison to films like Human Centipede, SE7EN seemed pretty mundane, and these days, "What's in the box?" is a meme, which is pretty sad. So, thank Keven Sweeney for picking up where Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman left off and saving the Seven Deadly Sins. Because this is a great fucking idea, and the way that Sweeney tells it, he pushes the boundaries to the limit, then he rapes the limit and busts it up and makes it his bitch in a way that I dare say could not be done by anyone else. Start with book one, and work your way through. I am looking forward to #4, but it is bittersweet knowing that there will only be seven tales in all.

Andy C.

Kudos to The Disciple’s Cronies Creativity!

The Sloth is the third of the SeVIIn Sick Sins, and possibly my second favorite. Although Kevin again follows a main protagonist, Tang, it has a much different feel of certainty. At least I felt. It also is devoid of as many contestants as the previous sins. Which I thought would be interesting. Tang is an internet troll. He simply steals other videos, dubs over them, and racks up his hits on the dark web. When he is taken by The Disciple and his cronies Tang has to endure an excruciating twenty four hours of punishment for his sin. I won’t go into more detail to avoid spoilers, but this entry is very creative! The rules are slightly different in the entry, and it added an air of uncertainty to it. I really liked that, but I still loved the style that The Lusty was written in the best. However, The Sloth is not devoid of the mad, macabre, and depravity The Disciple brings. I give The Sloth by Kevin Sweeney four and a half paperclips out of five slugs. The reason I only deducted half a point is simply because the ending is incredible! The ending is what made me love this story, and the events that occurred. It is fabulous.

Simon M.

Death by cheese grater

Sweeny has become a new guilty pleasure. Every time a ‘Seviin Sick Sins’ book is released, I wonder what the mad fecker has come up with this time. One of the most original deaths in splatter, that’s what. Death by cheese grater.