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Brute Edited by Steve Berman
Brute Edited by Steve Berman
Brute Edited by Steve Berman

Brute Edited by Steve Berman

Lethe Press


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"Erotic horror readers looking for stories that will make even the most kinky squirm will enjoy diving in here." - Publishers Weekly

"In this time of queer apologists and neo-puritans, Brute is a refreshing invitation to revel in unsafe yearnings, to rut through the muck of what links erotic fascination with primal fear. Paradoxes of strength and submission unite the stories thematically. Tenderness and revulsion coexist. Annihilating desires drive many of these expertly written tales of dangerous, masculine-oriented sex, thus entwining horror with longings and lusts I feel are essential to the human heart, and therefore essential to human survival." - Joe Koch, author of The Wingspan of Severed Hands

What happens when we go looking for trouble? Delights or dismay? Many horror stories and films begin with this premise, as do plenty of hook-ups. When you can’t sleep and begin browsing Grindr or Scruff, why not invite the guy without a face pic who has been taunting you to come over? Dancing at the club? The fierce-looking man gesturing with a shake of his head to the back alley door seems promising. How about picking up a hitchhiker late at night on a lonely road? The allure of trouble is not only the forbidden fruit at the finale but the pleasure of abandoning good judgment for this win. And one of the more enticing pursuits for us sodomites is rough trade, those men, young and old, who could answer one wrong move on your part with violence. The stories in Brute are a collection of some things old, some things new, some things scary, and some things to leave you black and blue. Stories by Elton Skelter, James Bennett, Nick Mamatas, Phoenix Alexander, Tom Cardamone and others.