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SKINNER: The Saga Begins by Jesse D'Angelo
SKINNER: The Saga Begins by Jesse D'Angelo


SKINNER: The Saga Begins by Jesse D'Angelo

Jesse D'Angelo

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Will Shaw just wants a simple life. A former Army Ranger and ex-con, he's trying to leave his past and demons behind... But he can't escape what he is. Something inside of him wants to come out. Everyone has an animal spirit, but very few can call upon their primal powers. Some are heroes, others monsters. They are Skinwalkers... Skinners. Children have been going missing. When the mysterious and seductive Janae Jones comes to Will for help taking down a ring of child traffickers known only as "The Pack," Will knows he can't refuse. Will must come to terms with who, and what he is, and uncover the secret of his family's violent past. But can he control the beast inside of him? His saga begins here.

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Donna L.
Action packed!

If you like action packed horror then this book is for you. Two skinwalkers team up to stop a child human trafficking ring. Plenty of guns that go boom. Plenty of cool creatures and kills.

A D.
What would you be?

Some brilliant characters, an entertaining story, interesting new spin on an old concept. Looking forward to more.

Action packed origin story!

I have always been drawn to stories of characters discovering some part of themselves that has been hidden. Will, the "Skinner", is a fascinating character, deeply flawed and you hopelessly root for him to get the bad guys at the end, but then, who are the bad guys, really? The action scenes are thrilling as you watch the rescue of children from tragedy. Will and Janae produce some steamy interactions too!