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PUNKTOWN: Shades of Grey by Jeffrey & Scott Thomas
PUNKTOWN: Shades of Grey by Jeffrey & Scott Thomas

PUNKTOWN: Shades of Grey by Jeffrey & Scott Thomas

Bedlam Press

China Miéville called Jeffrey Thomas’ PUNKTOWN “something wonderful,” and Ellen Datlow proclaimed it “a brilliant collection.” Now, in PUNKTOWN: SHADES OF GREY -- a brand new collection of stories -- Jeffrey Thomas is joined by brother Scott Thomas in giving voices to the citizens of this futuristic urban hell. In its dangerously alluring streets, you will meet: extradimensional monsters, murderous aliens, vampiric mutants, coffee-loving robots, confused clones, and war vets looking for one last, bloody battle to fight. Welcome: you are now entering Punktown. You are now entering the city that Publishers Weekly described as “equal parts H. P. Lovecraft’s Arkham and Blade Runner’s dark metropolis.”

Praise for the writing of Jeffrey Thomas:

Michael Marshall Smith, on Punktown: "Stories of great impact, a collection of which anyone would be proud to have written just one tale."

F. Paul Wilson, on Letters From Hades: "Jeffrey Thomas' imagination is as twisted as it is relentless. Every page...presents new and original horrors."

Brian Keene, author of City of the Dead: "In time he will, in this reviewer's opinion, be listed alongside King, Barker, Koontz, and McCammon."

Praise for the writing of Scott Thomas:

Ellen Datlow, on Cobwebs and Whispers: "One of the best collections of the year."

Brian Keene, on Cobwebs and Whispers: "A delightfully wicked read... Highly recommended!

Jack Fisher, editor of Flesh & Blood: "Scott Thomas writes like a rainbow on fire: his prose is colorful and elegant, his ideas dark and unnatural."






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