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Blood Society by Jeffrey Thomas
Blood Society by Jeffrey Thomas

Blood Society by Jeffrey Thomas

Necro Publications

On the holiday Sicilians call Giorno dei Morti — "The Day of the Dead" — Attilio Augusta meets a beautiful woman while paying his respects in a crypt. She is the same woman he once met in that crypt as a young boy. She hasn't aged a day.

Soon Attilio is making love with this woman.

Soon, he is fighting to save himself from the jaws of a ravenous monster.

In Chicago, crime lord Alphonse Capone is introduced to a new mobster in town. A man who, unthinkably, demands a share of Capone's empire. A man who was once called Attilio Augusta. A man who is no longer merely human.

Blood Society follows the career of an undying mafioso from Chicago in the 1920s to Boston in the 1990s. Along his blood-splattered path he will face traitorous comrades, a dangerously obsessed priest, the same volatile woman who turned him so many years before, and ultimately an enemy band of gangsters who are beings like himself…

Beings that cross at will into a mysterious alternate world. Beings that transform into hideous creatures impervious to bullets, knives and bombs…

Creatures with a thirst for money, power and…blood.

Blood Society is an epic supernatural horror novel by Jeffrey Thomas, author of the cult classics Letters From Hades and Punktown.






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