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She Was Asking for It (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 1) by J. Manfred Weichsel
She Was Asking for It (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 1) by J. Manfred Weichsel

She Was Asking for It (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 1) by J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel

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The Librarian's assistant has kidnapped a kindergarten class so
His girlfriend Emily has been kidnapped by a ghoul called the Librarian and hung upside down above a pit of bubbling lava. In order to win Emily back he must read a book from the Librarian’s collection, without vomiting. 

This might sound like an easy task, but the Librarian doesn’t curate just any ordinary books. Each and every terrible tome in her bibliotheca of bile is so disgusting that nobody can read one without doing a Technicolor burp.

The book he must read is a repugnant little horror story about the revolting sex lives of failed Hollywood actors and actresses called She Was Asking for It. It’s a real page turner. It’s a stomach turner too!!!

He’d better have a strong stomach, because if even a single drop of bile escapes from between his lips while reading, his girlfriend will fall into the pit of lava beneath her and be burnt to a cinder.

Can you read this book without throwing up? Do you take the challenge?


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Todd L.
I want to visit this library

I loved the idea of the Librarian. I am hoping the next book continues on with this character. The story was definitely hard to stomach at times and was great fun to read. Looking forward to the next story. Great job!

Dakota D.
A Satirical Sexual Tale

Tales To Make You Vomit: She Had it Coming is a satirical throwback to “Tales From The Crypt”, complete with The Librarian, a ghoulish, ancient woman that reminds me of Crypt Keeper. She Had It Coming is a multilayered story, showing off not just tradition extreme horror elements, but also the very real, every day horror of gaslighting. Weischel did such a fantastic job at creating a gaslighting dialogue that felt real enough where I started to feel the effects of it myself. Throughout the story the use of gaslighting freaked me out more than the story itself, and it got to the point where I no longer knew which character to believe until it was too late. In contrast, She Had it Coming is filled from cover to cover with extremely sadistic sex acts, accidental bodily functions, and fury filled killings that will satisfy any extreme horror reader’s palate. There is a certain scene that made my stomach churn when reading, and I think you’ll know exactly which part it is when you get to it. I don’t think I have the stomach for sandwiches any time soon because of it. With each of Weischel’s books that I read I fall more in love with his work and really appreciate the amount of intelligence it takes to create stories that seem simple and comedic at first glance, but truly have depth and wit. If you have never given his work a read, I implore you to change that immediately.