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Ghetto Super Skank by Dani Brown
Ghetto Super Skank by Dani Brown
Ghetto Super Skank by Dani Brown


Ghetto Super Skank by Dani Brown

Dani Brown

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Mama. Feed me. Mama.

The baby cried. Old Woman Mabel banged on the ceiling in the room below. The police siren whirled. Old Woman Mabel shouted for Jo-Jo to shut the baby up as if shouting and banging would work.

Jo-Jo wanted to answer the incoming video call from one of her online lovers. She couldn't until she investigated the baby.

"Mama." The baby shouldn't be able to talk.

"I'm hungry." The baby shouldn't be hungry.

The baby wasn't any more real than the paper bag, crusty underpants and flexistraws she made it out of during a rare bout of motivation.

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Kelly F.
Brown's Bizarro

What a unique, bizarre horror tale. A story that leads you hanging between what is fact and fiction A trip in to the desperation of trying to make money from twisted sexual fantasies & dealing with mental issues/ psychosis.Told through unreliable characters with a very creepy vibe. Four super skanky stars from me!.

Andy C.
Bizarro At It’s Best!

Dani “The Queen of Filth” Brown made a major impact on me with this first little literally work I picked up! I felt like I was on a merry go round, and couldn’t get my bearings, but afterwards this left me in extremely deep thought! There are so many undertones I got from reading Ghetto Super Skank. I interpreted my own way, and it may not even be on par. Nonetheless, I saw parallels to depression, neglect, abuse, and eventually hope. This is a bizarre little slice of writing that really made me have to digest everything before I came to my conclusions. I would definitely love to see Jo-Jo in the future, and where she is at now!


Completely bizarre! I had no idea what was going on but I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. It feels a bit like a very weird dream. Brutal, bizarre, funny, and totally brilliant. I need to read more by Dani!!

Dakota D.
Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Evening

Ghetto Super Skank felt like a fever dream. Thrown straight into the story, no explanation is given of Jo-Jo’s circumstances or what she really is, and it works out very well, causing the reader to have to continue on for any sort of answer to the many questions they’ll have. My first thoughts were about how confusing everything seems at first, but reading between the lines I felt like there was some sort of moral lesson to be learned. This was my first venture into Bizarro and it was an incredibly enjoyable one, 5/5 stars.