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The South African Vigilante Chronicles by Henk Wester
The South African Vigilante Chronicles by Henk Wester
The South African Vigilante Chronicles by Henk Wester


The South African Vigilante Chronicles by Henk Wester

Henk Wester


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Due to the high levels of crime and ineptitude or unwillingness of most of South Africa’s law authorities to protect and help its citizens, a vigilante group known as The South African Real Police (SARP) has formed to bestow justice in a country where lowlifes and scumbags do as they please without fear of repercussions. However, the sense of righteousness of one of SARP’s “executioners” might be too sick and brutal for even the organization to tolerate. 
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Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Brutal as all hell!

WELL, HOLY SHIT THIS WAS BRUTAL AS FUCK AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I'M A SEASONED EXTREME/SPLATTER HORROR FAN AND EVEN I HAD TO PAUSE BRIEFLY A FEW TIMES WITH THIS ONE!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! When you've had enough of the local police force not taking their job seriously, when people are going unpunished for crimes they've committed because it's too much paperwork, someones got to step in and make sure that justice is served, and that someone in this case is SASS!! SASS or South African Super Slayer, is a vigilante, out for revenge on the worst of the worst, but ultimately, to mete out the exact justice HE feels they deserve! Brutal, savage, painful, insanity inducing justice! Thabo is the first, he is bragging to his kids about a recent brutal slaying he performed on a local family. They are celebrating at their squatter camp with the goods they stole from the attack. When he goes into the bushes to relieve himself, he gets a hell of a lot more than he bargained for, and that's just the very beginning of his torment. He finds himself in an uncompromising situation that starts with him having to take a taste of his own medicine, and it's a bitter pill to swallow…. More and more people succumb to the vigilantes' unique form of punishment and justice, each one more savage, depraved and torturous, giving them all time to ponder their evil actions, but it's too late for regrets! Henk comes up with some very inventive and nasty kills and reparations for these unfortunate characters, and I loved it! When SASS arrives at the Wentzel's house, things get a little out of hand and he starts to lose control of his actions. His boss finds out, he's had his eye on Jonah for a while now as his antics have gotten more intense, are the tables about to be turned? Is Jonah about to be punished as severely as his victims? Not if he can help it he's not, and he intends to take down a few more people with him on his escape attempt, continuing to mete out his personal form of retribution!! This starts out with people getting a nasty taste of their own medicine, and ends up like they've landed in their own hellish Saw movie!! This book immediately grabbed my attention and kept its bloody hooks in me until the end. Henk doesnt believe in holding anything back, which makes for an extremely fast paced, unputdownable, blood drenched, pain filled, torture fest! With some extremely gnarly images and very detailed descriptions, you'll be remembering some scenes for a very long time! I was also made to feel embarrassed, horrified, sick to my stomach, shocked, and several times I actually had to tap out for a few seconds and start again! SASS is the worlds most fucked up, barbaric superhero! If you like torture and revenge youre gonna love the shit out of this book! A real riot of revenge and torture, where the victims pay in blood, pain and humiliation! The only downside for me was at the end, I was a little disappointed that Johan conceded so quickly after all that he had been through. I feel that he would have put up a bigger fight and I would have loved to have seen more from him! In saying that though, this is still one of my favourite reads so far this year!

Brian G.
United States United States
I recommend this product


This is my second book by Henk Wester, and like his Cosmic Anomaly, he has created an original piece of splatterpunk! I'm not much of a reviewer but I will say this: Henk has seriously went full fucking brutal with this one. The gore, the carnage, the story, all of it fused perfectly. Would I recommend it to you? Sure, if you're looking for something to keep your eyes peeled wide. So step into this world and learn about the SASS!